Eating Disorders in Men: A Growing Problem

Most of us will like to look like actors and models. Women want to have larger breasts, longer legs and smaller waists. This pushes many of them to opt for plastic surgery and eating disorders. Eating disorders were once thought to be a problem of women, but today it has become a problem for men also. This is because men now crave for no-fat bodies and washboard abs, things that have become parts of our culture.

The result of this is that men and women are using several means like starvation and vomiting to achieve their aim. These are the two eating disorders in men and women.

A growing problem

About 2% of North American men are suffering from eating disorders while about 5% of women have it. This growing situation in men is due to the following factors. Gay men put a lot of premium on physical beauty and therefore will do anything to have that look. In addition, men who are involved in body building are also likely to develop eating disorders as compared to non-active men. This is because bodybuilders are always trying to define their muscles by reducing their caloric intake and burning body fat.

Diagnosis 0f Eating Disorders

Diagnosing eating disorders is very difficult for many doctors. This makes knowing the extent to which the problem has permeated society very difficult. The difficulty in diagnosis results from the fact that most of the obvious signs in women like missing a period do not exist in men.

It is also difficult to differentiate between a thin man and a man who has an eating disorder. Most doctors have to rely on diagnosis from friends and loved ones or therapists. Therefore if you notice that a loved one has an eating disorder, you must report it quickly to avoid the consequences.

Signs and symptoms

The most obvious is rapid weight loss. It is the first indication of the condition. Losing weight in a healthy way takes much time. On the other hand eating disorders can also lead to weight gain. This demands that you take a careful look at how your friends lose or gain weight.