Effective Tips To Not Look Old

Dorian Gray and Peter Pan are not just characters out of famous books but are basically a reflection of humankind’s continued obsession for holding onto youth. Inspite of all our best efforts, in natural earthly progression all our struggles to remain young ultimately fail. But this has not diminished our enthusiasm for the quest of this elusive magic portion.

And this trend will go on and we will continue to pant for eternal beauty. Modern medicine and surgery help a lot. Life expectancy have gone up and so also the techniques for holding onto youth. However, if you don’t want to take extreme measures to remain young, here are a few tips that may help you anyway.

Make Up

Nothing garish please, the natural look is the thing in vogue. Use light concealersto hide those dark circles or other telltale spots on your face. However, don’t forget to use the bare minimum. Avoid foundations, they interfere with the natural look and make you seem retro. Apply neutral tones on your eyes.

Your eye shadowshould blend with your natural skin color; go with muted shades to show your eyes to their full advantage. Also try to avoid painting your lips bright red, instead of giving a bold look they tend to age you. Change your beauty regime with the changing times. Try to use products that make you look best.

Hair Makeover

You can increase your glam quotient and shed years off your age by getting the right haircut done. Get counseling from a good stylist about which cut or style will suit you best. Grey hair may look natural but coarse texture or yellow tinge may convey the negative effect. In such a case you should consult a colorist and get the appropriate advice.

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Wear The Right Clothes

When it comes to clothes it is a better idea to develop your very own style. Choose clothes that suit your age; don’t run blindly after the latest fashion trends. If a cloth fits you it doesn’t necessarily mean that you also look good wearing it. Taking loads off your age do not mean that you can emulate a teenager; nor in your overenthusiasm to look your age you shall pick up drab and dull oversized dresses. Choosing the right clothes that bring out your attractiveness to the forefront without being too obvious should be your action plan. It is best to take advice from the right people.

Nice And Peaceful Slumbers

Nothing will age you quickly than fitful sleep. A good night’s slumber is the secret to a healthy and glowing youthful visage. Do stress release exercises, deep breathings and meditation to keep tension at bay. You must have your 6hrs of dreamless sleep every day, if you wish to keep looking younger. Otherwise your puffy eyes, pale skin and prominent wrinkles will make you seem older.

Improve Your Posture

Drooping shoulders and bent back make your look way older. First thing to do is to increase your self-confidence. Square your shoulders and straighten your back. Walk confidently, emulate the lithe, smart movements of your favorite movie star and shed loads off your age in the process.

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