Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

Skirts are the most feminine and elegant clothes for women. Every shape will have a skirt that fit their body. A variety of skirt styles are available for women of all shape and size.

Plus sizes too are not excluded from the category. Generally plus size women find it very difficult to get garments that suit them well. Skirts are easier to choose as they are easier to try on than the other garments.

There are certain skirts that suit plus sizes beautifully. Let’s assess the best skirt styles that grace a plus size figure and the ones that do not suit them.

A-Line skirts for Plus Sizes

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

Photo Credit: Softcatalogue.com

A line skirts are in fact good for all shapes and sizes. They are especially great on plus sizes as they are neither too wide nor too tight. This is the best style for plus size women as they effectively hide the cellulite with their flare and at the same time do not leave them looking like a barrel. A line skirts are fitted at the waist and flare downwards like the letter A. Due to the toned down flare and a well structured shape, A line skirts have a slimming effect on the wearer. They can be teamed with jackets, fitted tops and even a slightly loose shirt.

Pencil Skirts for Plus Sizes

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

Photo Credit: Softcatalogue.com

Plus sizes can surely wear pencil skirts. But a word of caution here. They may not suit all plus size women. Plus size women who are curvaceous can carry them off well and they can impart a slimming effect on them too. But if you have a heavy bottom, bulging tummy and heavy thighs, pencils skirts may not be for you as you will end up showing more bulges than you can count.

Pencil skirts are very straight and have the same width from top to bottom. They are normally knee length or a little above the knee so that you do not have restriction in moving your leg. Some of them also come in longer length with slits or folded slits at the back. Pencil skirts look good on moderately heavy women and can be teamed up with jackets and fitted tops. They are good as office wear.

Godet Skirts for Plus Size women

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

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Godet skirts are again very elegant and look good as formal wear. They can be teamed with jackets, shirts and fitted tops. Godet skirts are fitted at the waist and have rectangular pieces of fabric stitched at the base for giving a wider hemline. Plus sizes look good on Godets due to the fact that they can even out the flaws on your hips and waist and balance the body shape with the flare which is concentrated at the hem of the skirt.

Ensure that the skirts are a little below knee length so that the rounded pleats can fall elegantly over your legs. Godet skirts can be shaped in such a way that the pleats can be made to start from wherever you prefer by adjusting the length of the triangular piece attached. They can also be stitched with biased cuts where the fabric falls into curved folds at the base.

Panelled skirt for Plus Sizes

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

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Any sort of vertical panelling can do wonders for plus sizes as they create an illusion of increased height. This is due to the vertical stitches that run from the waist to the hem of the skirt. Panelled skirts are mostly A- line and hence they fit plus sizes beautifully. Every flaw in your lower body can be concealed in a panelled skirt. If it comes with some vertical or vertically elongated print, all the more better. A panelled skirt too can be classified as smart office wear as they can be teamed with almost everything. They are mostly knee length, but can be longer till the ankle too as they have the flare to keep the leg movement free and comfortable.

Straight Skirts for Plus Sizes

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

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Straight skirts are more accommodating when it comes to plus sizes. They are more snug fitting than a pencil skirt and hence will keep the body flaws well covered. Straight skirts can be knee length or longer till the ankle. They come with elegant slits that can be positioned in the front, sides or at the back as per the design. These skirts can have long, short, open or a closed slit which decides on your level of modesty and how much you are willing to reveal. Straight skirts that are longer are more forgiving for women with a wide waistline as the length very well makes up for the width.

Mermaid Skirts for Plus Sizes

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

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Mermaid skirts are great on hourglass figures. Even plus sizes have hour glass figures and hence can look stunning in them. But make sure that you have the height to carry them off in style. These skirts essentially look like long Godet skirts. They are fitted till the knees and flare downwards. Mermaid skirts are good for plus size women who have heavy waistlines and thighs. Shorter women should not try them on as they will make them look shorter and fatter. Mermaids are great for special occasions and plus sizes with a curvy figure can carry them with panache.

Knife pleats and Inverted Box Pleats

Elegant Skirts For Plus Size Women

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Pleated skirts are normally not a great idea when it comes to plus sizes. But knife pleats or inverted box pleats could do a great deal for plus size women. Knife pleats are mostly fitted at the waist and left open downwards. The fitting can be higher or lower as per individual needs making knife pleats a very good option for fat as well as thin women. For plus sizes, there is also the added advantage of the vertical lines in the knife pleats which make them look taller and smarter.

Depending on how fitted you want to make them, the vertical stitches on the knife pleats can be adjusted. Knife pleats too are good formal wears. Coming to inverted box pleats, they too have the same goodness of fitted silhouettes. Inverted box pleats can be made to fit at the waist and hip level and left open to flare downwards for plus sizes.