Enjoy Bristol In Ten Ways

BristolIf you are fond of traveling and tours attractions and look for activities in the places that you go to, try Bristol. It is a place, where you can enjoy of bit of beautiful places like Boston and San Francisco, but it maintains its British look.

Below are the ten wonderful activities that Bristol offers to any tourist.

Art Gallery and Museum of Bristol City

With a wide collection of pieces made by Courbet, Gainsborough and Banksy, this art gallery will make your eyes busy with its wonderful art collection.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Considered as a landmark and Bristol’s symbol since 1864, this amazing bridge is a design by Brunel. You will find this architectural work magnificent and you will find yourself in awe just by looking at it.

Weston Roman Villa of Bristol Kings

This villa showcases its mosaic flooring as well as its plunge pool. Built between the 3rd and 4th century, you will have a good feeling when you see its central heating designs.

John Wesley Chapel

Though what you see is a restored place, it still looks the same as it was during the 18th century. This is where the great preacher, John Wesley, delivered his teachings, the foundation of the Methodist belief.

The Red Lodge

Feel like a queen when you see the Red Lodge, once the home of Queen Elizabeth I. It was restored, but you will still enjoy the beauty of the place, especially when you enjoy having picnic at the garden.

South Bristol

Enjoy Bristol’s countryside by doing a circular walk covering a distance of 23 miles. This is a design of the members of a prestigious association in Bristol.

Clifton Window Shopping

Appreciate Bristol’s west suburb atmosphere and see the beauty of its historic homes, bustling markets and cafes.

Cheddar Gorge

Gasp at the panoramic view and visit Cheddar, the place where the cheddar cheese originates.

Blue Glass Factory in Bristol

Appreciate glass collectibles and witness the traditional English craft of glassblowing. You can try it yourself too.

Arnolfini Galleries

This gallery does not only offer wonderful art pieces, it also displays best art bookshops, a relaxing harbor view and groovy cafe bar. If this is your interest, you will want to mingle with people, who also love and appreciate good works of art.

Visit Bristol now and enjoy these beautiful places!