Essential Tips On Burping A Newborn

Burping A NewbornFirst time being a mother? Then you would definitely have plenty of apprehensive, unexpected and yet exciting experiences as you bond with your baby.

With plenty of new hurdles to overcome and routines to master, there would be plenty of doubts running through your mind on how to do a particular task effectively. And one of those tasks that need to be mastered in the early days of post pregnancy is the act of burping.

While adults would not have any issues in releasing the air they swallow along with foods or liquids (they do this by burping), infants would face some troubles initially before getting used to the process. It is at this stage that mothers would need to burp their babies in order to make sure that the excess air swallowed by the latter during feeding could be removed from the body without any hassles. Failure to do so would then cause issues like abdominal gas, irritability, stomach pain and vomiting.

Here is a useful guide for new mothers on how to burp their babies. It pays to take note of the fact that babies would need to be burped after every feeding session. Accordingly, they would need to be burped for every 2 -3 ounces of milk (bottle fed) and right before they are made to switch over to the other breast for feeding.

In case the baby tends to be fussy while drinking milk or starts crying while feeding, chances are he/she may have gas or GERD (gastro oesophageal reflux disease). It would be recommended then to burp the baby once every five minutes while feeding in addition to burping him/her after feeding as well.

Ways To Burp A Baby

Some mothers tend to pound on their baby’s back until the latter burps. There is no need for this at all as a gentle pat on the back or a rub (repeatedly) can get it done. Accordingly, having some towels nearby or tying a bib can be helpful in case the baby spits out food or milk while burping.

Positions You Can Follow

Although there are various ways in which you can burp your baby, here are some of the more common options followed by mothers.Holding the baby against the chest while the mother sits upright can be a comfortable position for both the mother and the child. The baby’s chin should rest on the mother’s shoulder. The mother should then pat her baby’s back while supporting him/her with the other hand. This would help him/her to burp.

Burp A Newborn

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Supporting your baby’s head while you lay him/her on your lap (on his/her belly) and pat his/her back can help your baby burp. Make sure that his/her head is placed higher than his/her chest though. Otherwise he/she may vomit while burping.

Keeping your baby upright while supporting his/her head and patting his/her back can also help him/her burp. Don’t worry if he/she spits out while burping as this is a normal process that would wane with time.

Again, with time (after about 6 months) your baby would learn to eat and drink without swallowing excess air and so would not burp sometimes even if you try to make him/her to. So don’t worry if he/she doesn’t burp after every feeding session. Alternatively, you can try to burp him/her if he/she complains of stomach pain (owing to gas).

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