Face Skin Care In Winter Season

skin-creamThe face needs extra care during the winter season. During this season the face suffers from wind, frost, snow and heating at home.

The face becomes dry and chapped and it becomes hard to maintain the healthy facial skin.  However, there are many ways to protect the skin from the damages of the harsh winter season.


It is important to wash the face with cold water and not hot water. Cold water in the morning wakes the skin up.  It is important to control water temperatures during bathing. During winter season it is not advisable to use water based moisturizers as they tend to freeze on the face when outside.

Oil based moisturizers are good for use during these harsh seasons. Skin mostly becomes dry with the use of chemicals that add scent and color. Use soaps which are scent free and moisturize skin using face cream which is enriched with vitamins, minerals and fruit acids.

It is important to use moisturizers after your shower daily.  In winter the facial skin gets so dry and flaky and care becomes extremely essential.

Hydrate your skin

The best way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water. The recommended daily intake of water is 8-10 glasses per person.  It is not true that only the sun dehydrates the skin.  The snow and the harsh winter weather plays the same role as the sun does in summer.

The snow reflects the sunlight and it is important to wear sunscreen and make up that contains sun protection. Dehydrated facial skin looks dull and unhealthy.

Care of Lips

The lips are the most sensitive area on the face and they become chapped easily during winter. Lips tend to dry out quickly as they contain less moisture than the rest of the body. It is important not to lick the lips to moisturize them but use lip balm and lipstick with sunscreen to prevent them from getting chapped.

Exposure to the environmental conditions such as snow, wind, sleet and rain contribute to the appearance of dull and dry skin.  Therefore, winter facial skin care is very important to repair and get rid of dry and flaky skin.