Factors That Affect Wrinkle Cream Ratings

Factors That Affect Wrinkle Cream RatingsSkin is the largest organ of the body and a lot of care ensures its good health. As we age our skin starts becoming more prone to fine lines and wrinkles and it starts sagging.

Nobody wants to grow old so we keep searching for effective products which will help us tackle these signs of aging. However you cannot reverse the process as it is natural; however, you can fight the signs of aging. There are plenty of products available in today’s world to effectively treat wrinkles. You can end up using quite a lot of them. In most cases the products are in effective and of no use.

Rating of products is a helpful technique as it not only aids the consumer, but makes him more aware. You can find the ratings of various wrinkle creams which you use in magazines, beauty forums and internet columns which will help you in making a smarter choice.

There are many factors that affect the anti-wrinkle cream ratings.

Brand Names

Brand name does matter when it comes down to wrinkle creams. Everyone likes to invest in a trusted brand. Trust is the hallmark for choosing any specific anti wrinkle product. People tend to go with brand named products as they have more confidence in the manufacturers than lesser brand manufacturers. Famous brand manufacturers have been established over time and are known for their reliability in producing effective and quality products with their long time assurances, advertisements and testing; hence, more confidence is placed on manufacturers that have consistently produced better products. These become famous brands over time.

Famous brands are more highly rated than lesser brands. This could be based on the trust that has been developed over the years on that brand, which has grown in popularity and preference. When the brand is used often, trust is built as its users find its products reliable, safe, effective and perhaps affordable.

Ingredients of Product

The ratings of wrinkle cream are also dependent on the product’s ingredients. It’s very essential to know the contents of any products. You would want to avoid very strong chemicals which may damage the skin in the long run. You can also ascertain if the wrinkle cream has natural ingredients and how they are beneficial. Knowing the ingredients also helps you to see if you have any allergies so that you can prevent buying that specific product.

This is very important as it is the ingredients which determine the effectiveness and safety of the wrinkle cream. A high quality anti-wrinkle cream will contain the ingredients that take off the fine lines and wrinkles that exist; they also can eliminate the causes of wrinkles and aging. They help in fighting dull, tired skins that have dark and patchy spots.

But beware that not all anti wrinkle cream can revert aging; some function to increase the amount of collagen in the skin to make it firmer while others are vitamin-rich to keep the skin moisturized and not dehydrate. Anti wrinkle creams which do not cater to more functions tend to be rated lower.

Side effects of the anti wrinkle cream are also taken into consideration when rating it; like the use of parabens in some anti wrinkle cream show some effectiveness but come with adverse consequences. Hence, all creams, not only anti wrinkle creams, are assessed based on their side effects as well as ingredients.


Creams with the best ingredients can be not very effective because of its low quality ingredients or poor formulation. Hence, the ratings are also affected by the effectiveness of the anti wrinkle cream; one needs to see obvious or satisfactory results of visibly reduced wrinkles and the time taken to see these results visibly. When you use any wrinkle cream, you are doing so to prevent wrinkles on your skin and to mask the signs of aging. If a product does not show any effect then it’s considered to be of no use.

Effectiveness can be deemed as the primary factor on rating any anti wrinkle cream, as everyone who spends their money on a product wants results. The end goal of an anti wrinkle cream is to reduce, if not totally eliminate wrinkles and fine lines as one ages. If the end goal is not achieved, or not observed over time, the product is not viewed favorably and would be rated lowly. Money and time are wasted on something futile.


Price is also an important factor to consider. Just because a given cream is expensive does not ensure its effectiveness. As nobody would want to shell out exorbitant amounts, the cost can be an important factor for rating the wrinkle creams.

It is not always true that a higher priced cream is better than a lower priced one. Hence, one cannot compare the quality of the creams by the pricing; the better option is still the cream’s effectiveness. Two branded anti wrinkle products may be comparably effective; however, the lower priced brand may get a higher rating than the higher priced brand. Hence, pricing is a secondary consideration in anti wrinkle cream ratings.

The ratings for anti wrinkle creams are considered very important as they assist in making the right decision on the best or most appropriate anti wrinkle cream for your use. These ratings should be administered and approved by a trusted and reliable rating source, which has conducted such research and ratings professionally. The data gathered must have been through proven and reliable sources and techniques.

However, the best rated cream may not necessarily perform wonders on your skin as every skin type is different. There is no one anti wrinkle cream that suits all types of skin. Hence, it is better for you to identify the type of skin you have and consult your doctor or a recommended dermatologist before deciding on the anti wrinkle cream for yourself.

Wrinkle cream ratings are just a guide to helping you choose a good and effective wrinkle cream product.

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