Female Ejaculation – Discover the Secret Behind these Amazing Orgasms

Contrary to popular belief, female ejaculation is attainable by any woman as long as she is relaxed during intercourse and the g-spot is well stimulated.

Another popular myth is that what happens is urination rather than ejaculation, which is false. What happens is that a pressing need to urinate arises when the g-spot is stimulated. In holding back urine, women also hold back on ejaculating.

In real fact, ejaculation feels a lot like passing urine, but ejaculation fluid comes from a gland located on the sides of the urethra, called the para-urethral gland.

Being clear on the fact that it is not urine that is coming, but ejaculation fluid should free women to let loose and enjoy their experience and attain ejaculation much more easily and faster. Regardless of whether the experience is with a partner or through self-stimulation, getting familiar with the most responsive parts of the g-spot is important so that this area is concentrated on.

The g-spot is tissue stretching to one to two inches in width on the front of the vagina wall. To recognize it, feel for a protrusion that feels spongy and dense. A good amount of pressure is needed to adequately stimulate it since its actual location is about a centimeter below the part being touched.

Female ejaculation is experienced at the peak of stimulation of the g-spot and this can only be reached with a woman in a fully-aroused and relaxed state of mind during intercourse. Those who cannot be receptive and calm during sex will rarely, if ever, experience it.

To pick up the pace, your partner’s or your hand can be used to put pressure externally over the pelvic area while stimulating the g-spot. Another way is to do the same to the clitoris at the same time to hasten reaching an orgasm.

In most cases, it will take at least some level of arousal in a woman to reach ejaculation, as it is otherwise quite a difficult task to find the g-spot. On arousal however, the spot gets engorged, which makes it that much easier to locate.

Reaching orgasms that finish with ejaculation has been experienced by at least 40 percent of women and is not so rare. The remaining percentage is held back mainly by feelings of shame and fear that they would wet themselves and this causes them to be conservative and miss out largely out of ignorance.

With this enlightenment and of course practice, a woman can reach the peak of sexual bliss and experience female ejaculation.