Female Friendly Sex Positions

Sometimes offering a woman a real orgasm can be something a little hard to accomplish if you do not follow some simple general rules. For a majority of women, experiencing a real orgasm is something rare.

Although women wish that they could live in a dimension where they have an orgasm every time they have sex, it seems that this happens rarely if their partner does not have enough experience in the art of making love.

We sure do not live in that dimension; however providing her an orgasm every time you have sex with her is not an impossible goal to achieve. It can take a bit of determination though, and a bit more practice to get there. Keep reading and discover some of the most female friendly sex positions that will, if you are doing it right, give her an orgasm every time.

The key to this is to understand that mere penetration is not enough – you have to stimulate the clitoris. Turning her on, the right way, is of great importance as well. Using objects, such as a pillow, or your hands to stimulate her clitoris will bring her closer to an orgasm.

Do this while penetrating and what she feels will be much more enjoyable. Spice up your sex life, use sex toys, role play, do whatever it takes. The most important thing is to get her clitoris to match up with her vagina, stimulating them both with rhythmic movements.

Try doing this from the missionary position. This may sound plain and old to some, but can bring great results when using the technique described earlier. This is a perfect position that allows your pubic area to stimulate her clitoris. Try to put something under her bottom to help her get in the right position for you to stimulate her G spot. She can also help by moving her hips or using her hands.

Another good position is the doggy style. This is basically the perfect position for a great G-spot stimulation. Grab her by the hips, or even better, stimulate her clitoris with your hand. It is important not to stop; we often forget to continue doing it if we feel good. She probably will not protest because she will still feel pleasure, but she probably won’t have an orgasm.