Female Hormones: Meaning and Importance

Hormones play major role in proper functioning of anyone’s body. Due to hormones any one can behave in a polite manner or can become aggressive.

Due to hormones one can lose sex drive or can be sexually very active. Hormones cause weight gain and weight loss.

Some hormones are more important for men such as testosterone to give a man, male characteristic whereas some hormones are more important for women to give a woman feminine characteristic. In this article we are going to discuss about some female hormones and their effects on their bodies.

Estrogen: This is a vital hormone needed for women. Estrogen plays vital role in girls’ breast development. Due to estrogen deficiency a girl can have under developed breasts. Girls who don’t have fully developed breast lack confidence and lose their self esteem.

Estrogen hormone also plays vital role in the development of women’s fallopian tube and other reproductive organs such as vagina, uterus etc.

Estrogen hormone is responsible for smooth menstruation. Its deficiency causes menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding, pain during menstruation, vaginal dryness etc.

Lack of estrogen causes weight gain, mood swings, depression, anxiety, hot flushes etc. during menopause.

Progesterone: This is another vital hormone in women which regulates women’s periods and is also responsible for smooth periods. With the help of estrogen hormone, it prepares the uterus to conceive. Progesterone also causes your ovum to get nutrition.

Progesterone increases the appetite in pregnant women which is the reason why women get abnormally hungry post ovulation. So if progesterone increases (more than normal) you experience pre menstrual problems.

Progesterone is formed in ovaries as well as in adrenal glands also in small quantity. It makes your breast look firm and large than other days, before your menstruation. Progesterone hormone also prepares your breast for milk production.

Prolactin: This hormone plays great role in lactation and production of milk. Breastfeeding mothers need this hormone compulsorily and in required amount. During pregnancy, pregnant women can’t eject breast milk just because prolactin hormone level is high which prevents breasts to eject milk. Prolactin level falls after delivery which allows milk ejection for the newborn child.

Proclactin hormone also provides you sexual gratification after your sexual performances.Follicle stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Lutenising Hormone (LH) are also vital hormones required by female body mainly for pregnancy.