Finding Miss Right

One reason why relationships fail is that most people choose the wrong partners. There will be some imperfections but the fact that you and she have some synergy between you will let you go on. Before you even start dating, you need to make sure that she has those qualities that will complement your expectations. You have here a sample list of things to look for in Miss Right.

Caring woman

You need a woman who will take care of you and allow you to take care of her, also. This is especially so because these days women are also focused on their careers; so it will be better to find someone who will find time to take care of you and the family. Naturally, women love to take care of people. She, however, must allow you also to take care of her. Some women can take this caring thing to very sacrificial levels. This could be damaging, not to her alone, but to the whole family.

Independent and confident woman

You need a woman who can be independent and confident. No man wants a clingy creature that can at times become too nagging to bear. What you are looking for is not a baby, but a partner. You need someone who will treat you with respect and who you will also treat with respect. She must also be able to overcome her own insecurities and make the effort to resolve them. She should be able to stand on her own and have fun even if you are not there.

Intellectually stimulating

You have to find someone who will stimulate you intellectually. This will keep you sharp and you will never be bored with this kind of woman who feeds your mind constantly.

Approved by friends

She should be somebody who will feel comfortable with people around you. They could be friends, business partners or family members. If not, you will not be able to enjoy her company. It will be even better if she wins the approval of friends and family.

Believes in you

You need someone who will be able to feel at home wherever you take her, be it a hot dog joint or the fanciest restaurant. She should not be someone who will feel ashamed of you. She should be someone who will enjoy the simplest treats you give her. She should be able to relate to different classes of people without any difficulties.

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