Fitness Exercises for Women

Everyone knows about the advantages and benefits of a good exercise routine. Many also know what they should include in their exercise regime.

However, there are some special exercises that women should do. Women should be sure to do lots of stretching exercises. Not only does stretching help with posture and prevent joint injuries during exercise, it also helps improve physical performance. Other benefits include increased levels of flexibility, and muscles that feel more limber.

Warming Up is Key

Remember to always warm up before you stretch; because when cold muscles are stretched, they can be easily injured. Do only a few light stretches between exercises when necessary.

The best thing to do, though, is to leave your stretching for the last part of your routine, because stretching does not require too much energy and you will be feeling pretty tired at this point. Also, since your muscles would have already warmed up, stretching will not hurt or damage your muscles. The benefits of stretching are priceless.

Women should always be conscious about the order in which they do their exercises. Work larger muscles before the small muscles when doing weight-lifting. A principle to go by is to always do the most strenuous exercises when you are less tired, and leave the easy ones for later.


Make sure you also pay attention to sets. A set is comprised of a number of repetitions of one particular exercise. When deciding how many sets of each exercise you are going to do, always have your goals and abilities in mind. Remember the importance of warm ups, as stated before. Warm ups serve to reduce the risk of pulling a muscle during exercise.

When you are doing your sets, the first set will be sort of like a warm up for that group of muscles. Therefore, do it more slowly and consciously. After the first set, you can do the exercise with more power.

One mistake that women generally make is that, when exercising, they usually do not concentrate on their technique. As a result, most women have a very poor form. Not only does this increase the chance of injury, it also reduces the effects of the exercise routine.