Five Bad Family Habits To Get Rid Of

Five Bad Family HabbitsThe most important support system for a human being is his/her family. No matter what age, sex or race you are, your loved ones are the people you will look to in times of joy and sorrow. Especially in this age of fast-paced and jet set life styles, we need to stay grounded and connect with our roots more often.
The size of a regular middle-class family is getting smaller with each passing year. This is because both parents are career oriented and do not have time to raise large families. But just because you have one child does not mean that he/she requires less attention and effort. Your child is completely your responsibility.

The family values and ethics that you teach him/her now will mould his/her character for life. These values will also determine their own married lives and how they raise their children. It is not just parents who are busy these days. Even kids have many more activities to indulge in (both before and after school).

School assignments and extra-curricular activities also put them under pressure in terms of time and effort.
But it is very essential to maintain some basic rules that apply to the entire family. This is to ensure that you bond and connect with each other as a family.

You should not become like strangers living under the same roof. Let us now go through a list of 5 common bad habits that families have and should be broken as soon as possible.

Five Bad Family Habits To Get Rid Of

No family time

This is the most important bad habit to target. It is very essential for all family members to take out time at a specific hour each day to spend with each other. You should ensure that at least once a day all of you get together and talk about each person’s day activities and what is planned for the next day. Relax and have fun. You can even play board games or sports together.

Tips To Get Rid of Bad Family Habbits

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Make a schedule for chores and mark out what each person is supposed to do. This could include chores like washing the dishes, laundry, taking out the garbage etc. Such a list will ensure that no one person (especially the mom) is burdened with all the work.

Eating in front of the TV

Never encourage the family to eat any meal in front of the television. All meals should be eaten at the dining table. Eating in front of the TV discourages communication and family bonding. Eat at the table even if there are just two people present.

No effort on special occasions

Christmas and Thanksgiving are not the only occasions that should be celebrated by the whole family. All birthdays and anniversaries also demand special effort. Even something as small as a good grade or a sports trophy is an important occasion and should be celebrated with gusto. Do not ignore such events or forget about them. Mark each occasion on the calendar so that you remember.

Shouting and screaming

No argument can be decently resolved by yelling or raising your voices. Teach your children that any battle can be won by keeping calm and cool. Never allow a member of your family to shout or use foul language in any situation.

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