Flattering Necklines for Different Figures

One activity that a woman can never get tired of is shopping; especially shopping for clothes. If you are feeling low or depressed there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to uplift your mood.

When it comes to clothes, most women are impulsive. However certain important factors like occasion, body type, and comfort factor need to be kept in mind to ensure that your purchase does not turn out to be a disaster. An oft overlooked but extremely important aspect which can either make or break your look is the dress neckline.

For office or daily wear most women opt for some basic necklines like boat neck, round neck, square neck and V neck. Boat neck is a classic neckline which is suited for broad shouldered, medium busted women. Women executives who are always on the move mostly opt for this neckline as it adds a touch of sophistication to their attire.

Busty and broad shouldered women should opt for clothes with a V neck as it creates the illusion of length and the focus shifts from the shoulders to the neck area. Working women and college women who fit the above mentioned body shape should opt for dresses with V shaped necklines. Women who opt for V shaped necklines have an elegant air about them.

Square necks are suited for women with medium to heavy bust line. Small busted women should avoid square necks at all cost. A comfortable neckline, both heavy and narrow shouldered women can carry square necked apparel with panache.

Round necks come either in low necked or high necked options. Whatever may be your individual choice, round necks can make you look sexy and alluring. A popular style, round necks can be worn by women of almost all body types.

Petite women with narrow shoulders and small breasts can opt for diamond necklines. These necklines go well with tea length dresses and elegant evening gowns. Full figured women wearing this neckline have an absolutely disastrous effect.

Petite women wanting to create an appearance of having a fuller bust should buy clothes with a halter neck. Heavy shouldered women should avoid this neckline as it only draws the attention to this aspect. The well heeled crowd and models enjoy wearing clothes having this particular neck.