Flaunt Distinct Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Flaunt Distinct Plus Size Cocktail DressesWhen you are plus size, you know how difficult things can get! You have to look really hard for clothes that fit you and have to scout around a medley of shops before you find styles that suit you. Adding to it the fact that you are not at all sure as to what styles suit you, things become absolutely hopeless. This could have been the plight of any plus size woman a few years ago. But times have changed for the better. On need not even know what suits you as there are stores that cater exclusively to plus size and every big brand has plus sizes available for those oh-so-curvy ladies. Coming to cocktail dresses, one would wonder whether it would be a good idea for plus sizes women. Who said plus sizes cannot look gorgeous in cocktail dresses? Cocktail dresses look great on plus sizes with toned legs and arms. Well plus size ladies, get ready to reveal your spunk in cocktail dresses!

Take a look at these styles if you are still in doubt.

A-line Cocktail Dresses

A-Line dresses are the most versatile of plus size dresses as it can be styled to suit any plus size shape. Most A- line dresses are fitted on top and flared form the waist. One would wonder whether a flare is a good style for plus sizes when they have wide bottoms and heavy thighs as the flare can add volume to your lower body. But the truth of the matter is that an A-line not only disguises the flaws of the lower body but also give it a shape with its flowing silhouette. An A-line dress does not add much width to your lower body as it has just the right amount of flare to keep things under wraps.

Flaunt Distinct Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

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For big breasted women, an A –line balances the body shape. If you have small breasts, you can go for off shoulders that enhance the beauty of your bust and give a good cleavage. Halter neck A-line dresses suit big as well as small breasted plus size women. You can add a bit of detailing on the dress to enhance your strong points. For instance, if you want to show off your cleavage, look for A-lines that have detailing around the neckline and go for a scoop or deep V to bring out the best cleavage line possible. Bead work or embroidery around the hem too changes the attention from your heavy frame.

Empire Waist Cocktail Dresses

An empire waistline on a plus size woman will benefit her in many ways. Firstly, empire waists take the focus away from the original waistline and hip areas which could be problem areas for plus size women and areas which she wants to hide. An embellished empire line can do just that.

Flaunt Distinct Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

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It can not only keep the attention around the embellishment, but also help in giving good cleavage and body around the bust if you have small breasts. There are plus size women who are very shapely in spite of their weight. They can go for empire line dresses that are fitted at the waist and hips too. Adding a deep V neck to an empire line neck will ensure that you look leaner and smarter. Little details like a belt at the empire line cocktail dress which you can tie at the side or the front can enhance the overall appeal and fit of the entire garment. Flared empire line cocktail dresses cover the wide waist, bulging tummy and hip area, creating a flowing silhouette that adds grace and glamour to your personality. Empire line cocktail dresses suit most plus size women. You can add prints, detailing and colours to suit a variety of shapes while opting for empire lines.

Princess Cocktail Dresses

As a rule, we all know that anything with a vertical panel, stripe or a band can create an illusion of length and sleekness. This is why princess line cocktail dresses are so popular with plus size women and expectant mothers. The vertical panels that are attached to the dress can make a huge difference to your body frame. You can add additional elements like wearing a black or a vertical striped princess line cocktail dress which will have the combined benefit of all the three qualities that result in a much more slimmer, thinner frame.

Flaunt Distinct Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

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Princess line dresses also give a well streamlined look because of the panels. You can add or remove sleeves, necklines, shoulder straps according to your body type. Big breasted women can go for halter neck princess cocktail dresses that give some support and a sexy cleavage, Small breasted women must wear off shoulders to show off their torso. Toned arms should be left open for everyone to admire. And if you own long, toned, endless legs, make sure that you keep the length of the dress short to derive maximum benefit there.

Avoid tight or loose cocktail dresses

While choosing cocktail dresses make sure that you avoid dresses that are too tight or too loose. Both the extremes will highlight your weight and bulges. Stick to shades that complement your skin tones. If black is a slimming colour and does not suit your skin tone, there is no point in wearing black and looking thinner, but not graceful. Similarly, even though the above mentioned rules are general rules, they can be broken at times to suit your overall personality. The general rule is to celebrate your assets and flaunt them. If you find that you still look sexy in a dress that is conventionally not suited for plus sized women, just go ahead and wear them. Finally, whatever cocktail dress you have chosen for the special day, ensure that you are absolutely comfortable in it and feel graceful and glamorous. Comfort of a dress is important especially when it is a special occasion where you have to be there for a few hours, dancing, standing on those steely stilettos or just walking around. If you are not comfortable with your dress, nothing works and you will be in for a huge disappointment!