Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally

Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety in humans can have some of the serious health repercussions and sometimes, medication is just not enough for it. It takes more than a medical or psychiatric treatment to treat anxiety and many do not realize that the solution is present at their home only.

So here are some of the home remedies to get rid the problem of anxiety naturally.

So to reduce the level of anxiety in a natural an organic way, one of the solutions is water. Yes, water is a great solution as it has therapeutic properties. Take a warm water bath or a swim session. It can do wonders for the stress levels in us.

If a person stays for a long soak inside the tub, it brings in ultimate relaxation in anxiety. Plus if lavender oil is added to it, it becomes like an experience of one of its own kind. Regulation in the breathing can also help to bring down the anxiety level and control it swiftly.

The best thing to do this is to just sit calmly in a quiet place with no one around. Put your hands over the abdomen and breathe. Inhale and exhale properly to let out the stress.

Drinking warm drink also helps a lot in reducing anxiety in us. Try out soup, milk or coffee, cocoa, etc which help to sooth the senses which in turn ease the anxiety level and bring down stress. But do not go for excess caffeine as it has its own share of side effects.

Less is better in such a case. In fact, it is dais that excessive caffeine increases the anxiety level. Doiny any form of aerobic exercise also helps. It is a great reliever which is why it is recommended to do some brisk walking to ease the anxiety.

Medication is another remedy that can help to lower down the level of anxiety. Do it several times in a day for 15 minutes. It calms the nerves as well. You must also take daily dose of multivitamin tablets of B- complex as it is a natural stress reducer.