Getting Into the Mood for Love Making

Creating a mood for passionate love making is as important as making love and having sex. The mood makes the pleasure more enduring and a lingering feeling of ecstasy continues even after love making.

The whole ambience and the mood for love making must be such that both the partners feel excited and crave for having more! The mood for love making is not that hard to achieve, just very simple things and the attitude to create romance is all that’s required.

While men are more eager to get into the act of love making fast women want it to be more gradual and every moment must be enjoyable and appealing to all the senses. Men must take this into consideration and shouldn’t hurry which may spoil the pleasure of love making.

Love making is not a business deal which has to be done off fast; it is one of the most beautiful and sensual experiences which enhances intimacy and love. Sometimes the whole excitement of love making makes one feel energized and excited even after a day’s hard work. Therefore love making should be most pleasurable and appealing to all the senses.

Love making can happen anywhere yet a mood can be created prior to making love. Candles can be lit and gentle music can be played; spray a nice room freshener which can be a floral or fruit fragrance. Once this arrangement is done both partners should take a bath and feel fresh and put on sexy lingerie and under wears which set the mood for love making immediately.

Fore play is an important part and parcel of love making and women want to feel sensual all over their body. Men shouldn’t lose this chance and make their partner feel great with innovative tricks like using strawberries, ice and honey for different sensual zones of the female body. Try different love making positions to add variety and spice.

An oil massage can be very tempting and sensual for the partner; it does wonders to the game of love making. A gentle massage leading to tickling and playing with the various erogenous zones ultimately sets the action.

Women can tempt men more by playing and caressing the penis before doing oral sex which raises men’s anticipation and the pleasure of love making gets mounted manifold.