Going Blonde: Tips And Technique

Hair coloringBlonde hair is the most sought after hair color in the world and only 2 percent of the population has natural blonde hair. If you want to have the golden mane as well, then you do not have to wait long.

All that you have to do is to follow the procedure mentioned ahead in the article. Follow it accurately and correctly and you will have the right hair color that you intend to achieve.

However before you have the golden locks, always consult a professional hair stylist to choose the right shade of blonde so that it does not seem awkward and also goes with the skin tone.

Remember, going blonde means there will be a drastic change in the hair color; hence do your homework before you get the color changed.

Once you have decided on a color, go for a patch test. Get the color applied on a streak of hair to see how it actually looks. This will show you exactly how the color looks on the hair, and this effect cannot be reproduced by anything including the Photoshop version.

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Change the shade at once if you think it is even slightly inappropriate. The patch test might be time consuming, but it is the most realistic check on you going blonde. And even if you drop the plan, it is just a streak of hair that has to be dyed back to the original form.

The first step to going blonde is to have the color of your hair lightened. Hair is said to have red and black pigments. When you lighten your hair to go blonde, the black color is removed and the red remains, though in a milder form and the overall appearance of the hair is orange or brass like. This is done using bleach and you should be cautious while choosing it. Ensure it is for hair and will do no harm to the scalp.

If you want blonde highlights, then use a cap with holes specially made for the purpose and pull hair out of the holes to change the color. Remember from the patch test the time that it takes to bleach the hair, and when the time is up, rinse the hair and you have your golden locks.