Hair Loss Effects & Diet to Control It

Hair loss is a natural occurrence. Each day we lose hair when we comb or style it. We even lose hair when we walk around the house or do our usual daily activities. Hair loss is inevitable; it is part of the cycle of life.

We lose hair when we are awake and even when we are asleep. However there are some people who lose more than the normal amount of hair. This leads to baldness, which can happen to both men and women.

Hair Loss Pattern
Our hair also has a life span. It can only last for a few years from the moment it sprouts from the hair follicle. To be exact, a strand of hair will grow and last for about 6 years before it reaches its maximum life span. When it reaches this stage, it becomes dormant and then falls out. The dormant stage of the hair is also called the resting phase. Normally, after the dormant stage new hair will grow, but this is not always the case. If new hair does not grow after the dormant stage, this will eventually lead to baldness because the hair that fell out is not replaced with new hair.

Effects of Hair Loss
Hair loss is not simply the loss of hair; it can lead to many other problems. Hair loss can cause stress and anxiety in some people. There are some who are so severely affected by the loss of their hair or baldness that they go into depression. This is true for those people who value their hair and their looks too much. There are also some who feel a decrease in their self-confidence because of hair loss. They feel that they no longer look good because of their thinning hair. Hair plays a very big role in our self-image so when we experience hair loss, it also affects the way we look at ourselves.

Eat Healthy
Most people may not be aware of the fact that what you eat directly affects the growth of your hair. Hair needs vitamins and minerals to grow healthy and you can get this from the food that you eat. Make sure that you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that the hair will be getting plenty of it. As much as possible, you should be eating fresh and organic food because it has not been exposed to any chemicals during planting. Avoid food that contains preservatives because they are not healthy for your hair.