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Hair Lowlights

If you have been toying with the idea of coloring your hair for ages but have not felt confident enough for a drastic change in your appearance, then why not try hair lowlights

Changing ones hair color is one of the best and fastest ways to look different and trendy.  Like hair highlights, lowlights have been taking the beauty world by storm. Remember adding lowlights to your hair are not just for hiding your gray strands; they can also enhance the beauty of your natural hair.

The best way to add depth to your hair in a jiffy is to go in for lowlights. Lowlights are currently the rage among teenager and younger adults as also the page 3 celebrities around the world. This is one hair color trend which is going to stay for quite a while without people getting bored of it.

If hair lowlights are done properly it can really add the ‘wow’ factor to ones personality. You don’t have to spend a packet getting hair lowlights done at a salon. This is such a simple hair coloring technique that one can just as easily do it at home.

So what exactly are hair lowlights? The opposite of hair highlights, where strands of hair are colored from root to tip with one or more colors which are normally lighter than a person’s natural hair color, lowlights are done with just one color. Lowlights are done using ammonia free shades and are used to color the hair close to the root. Because the lowlight colors don’t contain ammonia this hair dyeing technique is considered to be milder than hair highlighting methods.

There are certain important tips to remember if you are planning to add lowlights to your hair. For the perfect results  a lowlight should be two to three shades darker than your natural hair color. However the lowlight shade that you have chosen should be lighter than the natural color of your eyes.

If you have pale skin tone ,go in for warmer lowlight shades so that you do not look pale and ghost like. On the other hand if you have warm skin tones go in for lowlight shades which are lighter than your natural skin color. Finally if you want to add  depth to your hair try combining lowlights with highlights. The results are absolutely amazing.

Lowlights which is also popularly called twilights is a hair coloring job which people normally opt for during the fall or winter seasons. The reason for this is because people tend to stay indoor more during these seasons, as a result of which the natural hair color gradually becomes darker (because of less sun exposure). Adding lowlights during these seasons  gives you a more updated, fresh appearance.

Lowlight shades which work well for black hair are brunette, magenta or plum. For naturally blond hair, lowlight shades like toffee, beige, bronze, honey or caramel will look good. Red heads should go in for lowlights with brunette or golden brown tones.

For women with brunette hair, lowlights in shades of auburn, chocolate or cinnamon will make them look beautiful. For covering gray hair choose lowlights which are about three shades darker than your normal hair color.

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