Hair Thinning

The main reason why hair shears exist is because we need them to perform different thinning techniques. You may be wondering what a thinning technique is.

Thinning is a method by which thick hair strands are removed from your head. This is a very useful method for people who have thick, wavy hair. But you need to be careful since thinning is not something easy to do and it requires certain skills.

The most important thing you need to know is that there are three similar techniques by which you can thin your hair. The only similarity between these techniques is that they are all done with hair shears. The rest differs remarkably due to the hair strand size they can remove and the angle the stylist uses to thin out your hair.

Read on to see learn more about the three techniques.

Three techniques, different results
I would like to start by describing a technique called “point cutting”. This is mostly used for people who want to have a craggy look or who want to improve a layered cut. You get better results if this technique is used in shoulder length or longer hair. The reason why this technique is called point cutting is because the hair strands must be held in a horizontal position in reference to the head and the hair shears must be used in a sharp angle. This method is ideal for curly hair because it creates texture.

The second technique we should talk about is called “the notching technique”. When you want to perform this technique you should know that is very similar to the previous method. The only difference between the two is that the notching technique provides better results for people with short, straight hairstyles. It textures the hair and makes it look vibrant.

The last technique you should know about is referred to as “slithering”. If you have long, flowing hair this is the appropriate method for you. The hair shears are used in a horizontal angle and are then slid along the hair strand. What this technique does is to remove great quantities of hair ends thus giving a smoother look.

Now that you know how to put your hair shears to work the right way, try all the techniques and make sure you master them as well.