Hanging Curtains The Right Way

hanging-curtainsMany people believe that task of setting up any room involves painting the ceiling and walls, positioning the furniture in the proper places and adorning the room with accessories. Most of us give no cognizance for providing curtains to the room, which in fact it is one of the important items in room decoration.

Curtains provide a totally different feel for the room. The room space not only looks soft but also complete. In case you are postponing furnishing your room with curtains because of lack of knowledge of hanging the curtains the following ideas could help in doing that. This gives you proper instructions for hanging curtains in the right manner.

Procedure for Hanging Curtains

Items Required

These are tape measure, drill, pencil, brackets and screws, curtain rod, curtains, screwdriver and step ladder.

Step by Step Procedure

•    The first step is to decide on the areas/ rooms that you plan to furnish with curtains.

•    The curtains are normally hung on rods and hence it is necessary for you to choose the rod type that you would like to use for hanging the curtains.

•    Take the measurements of places such as doors, windows etc. on which you intend to fit the curtains to determine the curtain material requirement.  In addition, take the diameter and length the rod for hanging the curtains. Provide sufficient allowances on the rod length so that the rod can be extended on both sides.

•    Purchase the exact length of rod required for hanging the curtains from the market.

•    Now use a pencil to mark the exact location of the bottom side of the brackets on the background wall.

•    Fix the brackets on the wall.

•    Position the bracket bottom exactly on the line marked earlier and hold it in that position.

•    Using the pencil marks as reference line, and mark the exact location of the screw holes.

•    Use the drills and drill the holes in the marked locations; then fix on the wall the brackets.

•    Hang the rods on the bracket and fix curtains to them.