Happy Marriage Some Tips to Follow

It is really amazing that how god created human beings and kept lots of emotions in them. No one knows that why we get attracted to any one special person only?

Why our heart beats for him and not for any other person in the same way? We want to live our whole life with that person happily. But the question here is what makes marriage successful and makes it last lifelong. It’s a very tough question to answer otherwise all couples would have been happy without any problem or divorce.

Marriage is a very sacred and holy association. When two people are too much in love and they want to start live their life together they tie the knot. No one knows the secret of a happy marriage. Slowly the attraction which was responsible for making them come together dies but love is a very vast emotion. Love doesn’t die it remains there with us, just changes his form.

Love before marriage and after marriage is very different. After marriage every day is the test of your love. The basic pillars of your marriage are trust, friendship, commitment, respect and unconditional love. You have to grow with your husband in the path of life.

If two people are friends and feel comfortable with each other they can talk their heart out and the relation will be transparent. There will be no room for insecurities and doubts.

It is very easy to say that your spouse should be your best friend but in practical life it’s a very difficult task. There may be many issues like ego problems, differing opinions, misunderstandings, disapproval of each other’s habits, friends or routine etc.

The marriage goes on the path of destruction when couple doesn’t talk with each other and stop sharing their feelings. When there will be no communication the problem will become worse.

Just remember one thing always that is everyone has some or the other faults or weak points. For a happy marriage you have to forget and forgive. A very effective suggestion is just ignore the habits you dislike and think about his positive points appreciate him and make him feel special.

That will hundred percent do wonders for your marriage.

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