Health Benefits Of Brinjal

brinjalThe Health Benefits of the Brinjal

The brinjal, also called an eggplant, is a vegetable that seldom gets the respect it deserves. Most people look at its glossy purple/black skin and strange pear shape, enjoy a good giggle and then move onto a more conventional vegetable, like corn or green beans. The reality is that we need to give the eggplant a lot more credit; it is very tasty, extremely versatile, and an excellent source of nutrition value.

If you have never bought a brinjal before, it can be nearly impossible to pick out a good one. The first rule of thumb is to avoid your impulse to grab the largest eggplant you can find. Large eggplants are often bitter tasting and the seeds are hard; smaller brinjals have a better flavor.

Look for an eggplant that has a smooth skin, when you pick it up it should be heavy.  Press your fingers against the sides of the brinjal; a ripe brinjal will depress under your fingers and than spring back into place when you remove your fingers. The final test when you are selecting a brinjal is to rap your knuckles against the side and listen to the sound. If you hear a hollow thud, the eggplant is over rip and you should look for another one.

Develop an Appetite

When mixed with tomatoes and made into a soup, brinjal can actually trigger an appetite. This is especially helpful if you are recovering from illness or radiation treatment. Mix a little salt and pepper into the soup if you feel it could use some extra flavor.

Ease Gas

People who have an issue with digestive gas and flatulence will notice an improvement after they start eating brinjal. In addition to reducing digestive gas, eating brinjal will also help you manage phlegm and congestion.

Prevent Surgery

One of the side effects of malaria is a painfully swollen spleen. If the spleen swells too much, it could potentially rupture and you will have to subject yourself to emergency surgery. One of the ways you can prevent the surgery, and all its potential risks, is to eat large helpings of brinjal. The eggplant is most effective when you eat it first thing in the morning while you still have an empty stomach. You should bake the brinjal when you are eating it for medicinal purposes.