How Children Learn Bad Behaviour

HOW CHILDREN LEARN BAD BEHAVIOURParents are not only the primary caretakers of children but are also largely responsible for shaping and influencing their behaviour. Inculcating good behavioural habits in your child is crucial from a very young age. The best technique to influence your child positively is to punish bad behaviour and reinforce good behaviour with reward and praise. This helps to mould and shape the child. The present generation of kids is smart and worldly wise.

They are not fooled into modelling acceptable behaviours through coercion. Telling a child to behave is not enough. You have to be an exemplary role model by practicing what you preach else, you lose credibility and respect in your child’s eyes. Many parents are baffled and amazed by their child’s bad behaviour. However, it should not come as a surprise as kids pick up most things from their parents. Here are some of the ways children learn bad behaviour.


Using Cuss Words

Ever wondered how your child has let slip the ‘F’ word from his/her mouth. Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally used the word in front of your child? No prizes for guessing where the child has picked up the word from. Peers and school can also influence what the child learns. Parents have to be cautious that the child does not fall into bad company and pick up unacceptable behavioural traits.

Bad hygiene, Unkempt Appearance And Untidiness

If you are constantly belittling and scolding your child for keeping his/her room messy, it is time to do some silent soul searching and introspection. You need to ask yourself whether your home and hearth are pristine and clean. A clean home and well-dressed parents will influence the child to model good cleanliness habits.


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Abuse, Aggressive Behaviour And Forgetting Courtesies

Parents need to haul up their children for rudeness, aggression and bad behaviour in public. A child from a very young age should be taught to mind his/her p’s and q’s. Many young children go to other people’s houses and cause destruction by littering and breaking things. Such things should be curbed by house training your child. Many parents feel that children should be given the freedom of exploration. I on the other hand feel that children should have clear-cut boundaries on what they can or cannot infringe upon within a home.

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Shouting And Temper Tantrums

Many parents unconsciously and unintentionally squabble and fight amongst themselves in front of the child. Not only does it lead to insecurity within the child but he/she also imitates and models the same behaviour in his/her growing up years.

Insensitivity And Lack Of Compassion

It is saddening to see the increasing number of children who are not being taught the important family values of sensitivity and compassion. In a country like ours, which favours the male child, girls often, have to bear the brunt of playing second fiddle, compromising their needs and not having basic access to the smaller joys of life.

Gender sensitization is absent in most modern day families which translates to bad behaviour and oppression against women.The media and internet too are shaping the way children think and view the world. It is up to the parents to exercise prudence, discretion and good judgement by filtering exposure to information that can be critically harmful for the child.

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