How Does Soap Clean

A molecule of soap consists of a ‘head’ and a ‘tail’. The head has a negative charge and is known to attract water. The tail of this molecule has a positive charge and is useful in attracting oil.

This is what makes soap very unique, enabling it to wash off oil, grime and dirt. It is very important to wash your hands with soap, especially before you eat.

Soap is able to cleanse your skin from harmful germs that could enter your body and cause infections. When soap is rubbed onto the hands or the body, it surrounds and entraps the grime and oil.

It breaks up and seals these impurities into tiny bubbles which are referred to as micelles.These micelles are then easily washed off with the help of plain water.

There are many different varieties of soap available in the world today. These soaps cater to the needs of different skin types such as oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. Certain soaps also target skin problems such as pimples, acne and blemishes.

What Do Soaps Consist Of?

Nowadays, soaps are made up of several different ingredients. These ingredients give a distinct fragrance, colour and appearance to the soap. However, there are certain basic ingredients which are present in every kind of soap. The first such ingredient is fat.

The kind of fat used can differ, depending on the type of soap that is being manufactured. Commonly used fats are tallow lard, olive oil and palm oil.

Soaps containing olive oil produce very smooth lather as compared to soaps containing other fats. Sodium hydroxide is another ingredient which is used in the production of soaps.

All soaps require preservatives which prevent the spoiling of oils and fats that are present in the soap. Detergents are also used while making soaps as this increases their ability to remove dirt. Apart from these ingredients, soaps also contain antimicrobial agents which are useful in destroying harmful micro-organisms.

How Is Soap Helpful?

Soaps are very beneficial in maintaining hygiene. They help to prevent infections due to the fact that they destroy micro-organisms before they get an opportunity to enter the body.

Health experts around the world advise people to wash their hands before every meal. Most infections are contagious and spread through body secretions. In such cases, washing your hands before eating is very helpful.

Bathing with soap helps to keep the body clean and free from skin ailments. Many varieties of soap contain active ingredients which are able to heal many kinds of skin conditions too.

Effective Washing

It is extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If you wash your hands for only a few seconds, the germs present on your skin might not be completely destroyed. This can cause an infection.

Health experts advise people to wet their hands with water before using any soap. After this, you are to take an adequate amount of soap.Use this soap to create a smooth lather and rub this lather all over your hand or your body.

Keep doing this for about one minute. After that, you are supposed to rinse the lather off with some clear water. Dry your skin with the help of a clean towel or napkin.