How Teenagers Should Wear Makeup

makeupBeing allowed to wear makeup is kind of a rite-of-passage in a teenage girl’s life. Once her mother gives her the okay to start wearing makeup, she immediately raids her mother’s makeup collection and starts going crazy with applying different colors and products.

Teenage girls don’t realize that makeup should be used to play up their key facial features and enhance their overall appearance. So often teenage girls don’t know what colors and products work for their facial features and they wind up applying layer after layer, color after color of makeup and wind up looking cakey or silly.

When a teenager wears makeup she needs to keep it to a minimum. She can learn more about how to apply makeup by watching her mother, going for a sitting at a department store or watching a makeup application video. Teenage girls also need to learn which products are good to use for their skin type. It’s a process of trial and error.

One thing to remember is that less is more. A teenage girl is more than likely going to have fresh skin. So try not to cover that beautiful skin up with excess makeup. Unfortunately, some teens are plagued with acne. In this case makeup can be used sparingly to cover up the acne marks and scars. Makeup is not the answer to hiding the signs of acne completely so don’t pile it on.

It is important to find both quality makeup products and choose colors that compliment your facial features. Teenagers should select natural makeup shades. Instead of wearing a heavy lipstick, try using a lip gloss to add color. Play around at home until you find the right color choices.

It is important to maintain your skin to keep it clean and healthy. There are healthy makeup alternatives that can be used. These alternatives are made out of minerals and natural ingredients. These brands are good for all skin types but they are best for girls with sensitive skin.

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