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How To Apply Eye Makeup In Just Six Steps

How To Apply Eye MakeupSo you want that femme fatale eye makeup that will make you look absolutely gorgeous? Well, no problem! Many women worry head over heals for getting the look right and some also get positively exasperated at how unsuited it looked.

But, the trick to have the perfect eye makeup done lies in understanding your eye shape and deciding how to apply the makeup in conjunction with your facial structure. Every woman has her own unique beauty and hence unique makeup requirements. So, here are three tips that will help you get the perfect eye makeup.

How To Apply Eye Makeup In Just Six Steps

Choosing Your Eye Shadow

The first step to perfect eye makeup is choosing the right eye shadow. Your eye shadow should be able to bring out the beauty of your eyes by emphasizing them rather than subduing them. So choose those that are of good quality and that suit your complexion.

Applying Eye Shadow

If your eyes are small, it is best to choose a dark neutral color for the eye shadow so that your eyelids will not steal the attention from your eyes. For big eyes, use darker eye shadows. If your eyes are deep, then try using light colors for eye shadows so that they will look further deep.

If your eyes are very close to each other, then which ever color you choose or even if you choose multi-color shadow, smudge the darker shade at the edge of your eyes and avoid using it at the beginning of your eyes. This helps make them look a little bit apart. If your eyes are wide apart, do the opposite of the close-eye-technique.

Choosing Your Eyeliner

Whether it is a pencil or liquid, the purpose of eyeliner is to emphasize, define and glorify the shape of your eyes. While pencil gives a softer definition, liquid eyeliners will give a sharper and more precise outline.

Applying The Eyeliner

If your eyes are deep, then it’s better to do something to bring them out. Applying a thick or intense line along your complete lashline will highlight your eyes and make them seem less sunken.

If you have small eyes, the eyeliner should not be too thick as it will make your eyes look closed and not too thin as it won’t highlight your eyes. Though there are mixed opinions about how to use the eyeliner, it’s best to do keep it moderately intense. For big eyes, you can freely use generous amount of eyeliner along the whole upper and lower lashlines.

Tips To Apply Eye Makeup

For eyes that are close to each other, you need to create the illusion of the eyes being apart by focusing on the outer half of each eye. So apply the eyeliner on outer half of upper and lower lashlines.

If your eyes are wide apart, then apply a thin line on both upper and lower lashlines, may be a little thick at the inner corners, and avoid extending the liner at the outer corners.

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Final Touch With Mascara

The eyelashes are the prettiest part of a woman’s eyes, which is why it is absolutely important to make the most of them. The happiest thing is it doesn’t matter what shape your eyes are; you just have to pick up your favorite brand of mascara and apply one or two nice coats of it and you are ready to go.

False Eyelashes for Extra Touch

If you are not yet satisfied enough, you can make your eyes much prettier with false eyelashes. False eyelashes will help further accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

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