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How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

How To Apply Glitter Eye MakeupGlitter eye makeup can look very attractive if it is done in the correct manner. Such makeup can be used to make your evening attire look very attractive. It can even be used during the day, in subtle shades.

Glitter makeup helps to make your eyes look bright and draws extra attention to them. It is also a pleasant change from conventional eye makeup which tends to give an artificial look to the eyes. Glitter eye makeup can be done in several ways.

Some people prefer to apply glitter powder to their eyes after finishing their makeup routine. Others choose the simpler way out which involves the use of glitter pencils for the eyes. Given below are some easy ways of applying glitter makeup.

How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Apply Your Usual Eye Makeup

The first step in such a beauty routine is to apply your normal eye makeup. Start by making use of some concealer in order to hide any imperfections which might be present around the eyes.

Then apply a light shade of shadow to your brow bone area. Then apply a darker shade of shadow to the crease of your eyes and a very dark shade to the outer corners. This look is ideal for an evening out.

If you are dressing up for work or a day event, make use of subtle shades of shadow instead of dark tones. After applying your chosen shades of shadow, apply a dark shade of eyeliner to your upper eyelid. This acts as a base for your glitter liner.

Shimmer Up Your Shadow

You could also add a dash of shimmer to your eye shadow in order to make your eyes appear much brighter than they are. In order to do this without making a mess, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to your eyelids. Make sure to do this with a clean brush so as to prevent smudging.

You could apply Vaseline to the entire eyelid or to the corners of your eyes. This depends on your preference. After the Vaseline has been applied, dip a brush in some glitter and spread it gently on the eyelids. There are various shades of glitter which can be used in such cases.

However, the most common shades include silver and gold. You can apply an extra dash of glitter to the corners of your eyes as this helps to make the eyes look very bright and beautiful.

Tips To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Use A Glitter Liner

Glitter liners help to make the job much easier. They are useful for those who find it hard to apply glitter powder without smudging their makeup. These eyeliners come in various shades.

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Choose your shade depending on the type of event you are going to. Draw neat, straight lines with your glitter liner and extend these lines outwards for added drama.

Some Extra Effects

You could make your eyes stand out even more by sticking tiny jewel stones just outside them. These stones help to make the eye area dazzle and are perfect for an evening event.

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