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How To Apply Mineral Makeup

How To Apply Mineral MakeupMineral makeup is extremely popular in the world today. It is considered to be far better than ordinary makeup. This is why people prefer to make use of these products. As the name suggests, mineral makeup contains minerals of various kinds.

These minerals have a very positive effect on the skin of the person. Such makeup items are very expensive as compared to ordinary makeup. The powders used in mineral makeup are very fine and smooth. Thus, they are able to give a much better finish than other makeup when they are used on the skin.

However, mineral makeup must be applied in the correct manner in order to get the desired results. Given below are some handy tips which can be put to use while dealing with such makeup.

How To Apply Mineral Makeup

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation must be applied rather carefully as this forms the base for your other makeup items. Make sure that your face has been washed and dried well before you make use of any foundation. Also, you must moisturize your face before using foundation as this helps it to spread evenly.

Start by taking out a small amount of foundation. Make sure that the shade is as close to the colour of your skin as possible. Blend this into your skin and keep covering up any imperfections which might be present in certain areas.

Mineral Blusher

Mineral blusher must also be applied with care as it is rather difficult to get rid of excess colour from the face once it has already been applied. You must start by using light strokes of blusher on the apples of your cheeks. You could then darken the blusher with repeated strokes, if necessary.

Make sure that your strokes are light, yet brisk. Refrain from making circles around the cheek area. Instead, use light strokes only on the apples of your cheeks. You could use a single shade of blusher or you could also blend in more than one shade.

Tips To Apply Mineral Blusher

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Mineral Bronzer

A good mineral bronzer can complete your look within seconds. Start by swirling your brush in a shade of bronzer. Make sure to dust off any powder which is in excess. Apply some bronzer to your cheeks and your temples.

Make sure to apply only a small amount of bronzer to your face in order to give a warm, natural look to it. You must also dab a small amount of bronzer to your neck and ears in order to complete the look. Mineral bronzers have a far better finish than ordinary bronzers.

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The Finishing Touch

After you have finished applying your mineral makeup, you must apply some loose powder or compact powder all over your face and neck. This helps to seal the makeup in place.

It also helps to blot out any oiliness from the face and neck area. Such powders are very smooth and so they spread evenly all over the skin. It is important to follow this last step so as to help your makeup last for longer periods of time.

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