How To Avoid Clumpy Mascara

Application of mascara is an important step in the process of eye makeup. When applied in the proper manner, mascara will make your lashes look longer and thicker, thus adding to the beauty of your eyes.

However, it is seen that careless application of mascara leads to the formation of eyelashes that are clumped together. This is a common problem with mascara application, which is faced by many.The formation of clumps can also be due to the improper storage of the mascara and the cleanliness of the mascara brush.

In order to overcome this difficulty in mascara application, one can try out many methods. Read on to discover the tips which will enable you to avoid clumpy mascara formation.

Follow Proper Steps of Mascara Application

In order to prevent the mascara from making your eyelashes stick together, it is necessary that you apply it in a proper manner. In the first step of application, you have to apply the mascara by running the brush from the base to the tip of your eyelashes,by wiggling the brush from side to side.

The eyelashes are then to be combed using an eyelash comb, until all the lashes separate. Do apply the second coat of mascara only after the first coat has dried up completely. The eyelashes are to be separated again by combing. If the lashes do not get separated, then apply a bit of eye makeup remover on the comb and then try combing them again.

By applying mascara in the above said manner,you can ensure that your eyelashes will be free of mascara clumps. Also, to obtain a smooth coating of mascara on the mascara wand, swirl the wand inside the tube. Do not pump the wand in and out of the tube, as it can lead to drying of mascara and its clumping.

Clean The Mascara Wand

It is necessary that you clean the mascara wand in a proper manner after every application, in order to prevent it from clumping. See to it that you clean the wand at least once in every 2 weeks,even if you are not using the mascara for some time.

For cleaning, you can wipe off the layer of existing mascara from the wand by using a clean cotton fabric. Apply a bit of makeup remover on the cloth and wipe the mascara wand again.This will ensure that the bristles are free of old and clumpy mascara.

The mascara,which is present inside the cap of the wand, should also be removed by using a makeup remover. Rinse the mascara wand with water and dry it thoroughly. The mascara tube should be then closed tightly, as contact with air can cause the mascara to dry up.

Buy A Good Quality Mascara

If you want to ensure that your eye makeup is not spoiled by mascara application, then you should buy a good quality mascara which satisfies some prerequisites.  While selecting the mascara,see to it that it has a good consistency. Mascaras that are too runny or too thick will have a tendency to get clumped easily.

Also, see that there is plenty of space in between the bristles in the wand. If the bristles are so close to each other, then there is a high chance of mascara being clumped in between them.

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