How To Avoid White Spots On Nails

Nails play vital role in enhancing your beauty. In fact, nails are the mirror of your health. This is the reason why many doctors observe nails of many patients carefully.Therefore it is very important to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

White spots (also known as Leukonychia) appear on the nails of many people, which is not a good sign.It denotes that you are suffering from some underlying conditions.

It also spoils the beauty of your nails and you always have to keep your nails covered with nail polish to hide the spots.But just by hiding the white spots with nail polish, you can’t hide the real problem which would cause you harm in the long run.

What Does White Spots on Nails Indicate

White spots on nails indicate that you consume foods that are lack in nutrients such as vital vitamins and minerals. Such spots are also an indication of some sort of fungal infections.

How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Nails

Eat Foods Rich In Nutrients

Since white spots on nails are indication of lack of nutrients in your body, you should eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Since nails are made up of protein (keratin) if you are deficient in protein you would observe deformity and spots in your nails. Hence you should consume foods rich in protein such as milk, cheese, soy, beans, pulses etc.

White spots on your nails also indicate that there is deficiency of Vitamin C in your system. Due to Vitamin C deficiency, you would suffer from several health problems. Hence it is the time to be alert and fulfill your Vitamin C daily needs by consuming 500mg to 1000mg Vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C improves blood circulation, helps all the nutrients to reach to all the parts of your body and strengthens your immune system. Thus you can keep several health problems at bay. Oranges, papaya, lemon, cucumber, spinach, apples etc. are very good sources of Vitamin C. Hence you should consume at least any two of these foods daily.

Deficiency of zinc also causes white spots on nails. Therefore consume foods rich in zinc such as oyster, watermelon seeds (dried), pumpkin seeds (dried), wheat germ (toasted) etc.

Use Moisturizers To Prevent White Spots

Moisturized nails are less vulnerable to fungal infection and white spots. Therefore keep your nails properly moisturized. After washing your hands, your nails get dry. To prevent dryness you need to apply lotion containing Vitamin E.

Use Antifungal Creams and Antifungal Nail Polish to Avoid Fungal Infections

To prevent fungal nail infection, you need to apply antifungal topical lotions or antifungal topical creams. You also need to use antifungal nail polish to protect your nails from getting white spots.

Things To Avoid To Prevent White Spots

Avoid exposing your nails to dirt, smoke and dust. Do not wash dishes or plates or household utensils without applying any cream on your nails and fingers or without wearing gloves. Do not scratch your nails.

If you do not observe any improvement in your white spots, consult your doctor because they may be a symptom of liver disease or kidney disease.