How to Care for your Hair after Rebonding

Rebonding is a very common treatment used by most women and girls to attain the perfect straight hair and it is very important to care for your hair after rebonding.

It is quite expensive and its prices vary from place to place but it ensures good smooth and silky straight hair that you have always dreamed of. But i bet there are lot of people out there who must be wondering about the after effects of a rebonding, how to care for your hair after rebonding etc.  and hence are not going for it.

Rebonding involves the use of heat treatment and chemicals on the hair so it is quite obvious that is will affect your hair in some way or the other.But taking proper care of rebonded hair will lessen the damage done to your hair during the rebonding phenomena.

So it is very important to take care of your hair after rebonding. This is definitely worth giving a try because of the results right? So take this risk and go for rebonding. But make it a point to care for your hair after the rebonding process.These are certain things that you must do to care for your hair after rebonding.

Switch to a good shampoo and conditioner recommended by your hair stylist meant only for re bonded hair. This will maintain your hair just the way it is and it will remain straight for long. Make it a point to give yourself an oil massage and steam your hair frequently. Be gentle on your scalp.

Do not massage too vigorously or it may end up causing hair fall. Re bonded hair becomes more prone to hair fall so avoid any thing that could trigger hair fall. Dry your hair gently with your towel. Do not vigorously wipe your hair. Squeeze the water out of your hair and cover your head with towel for sometime and let it dry naturally.

Apply a hair serum or any leave in conditioner on your hair after rebonding to moisturize your hair as hair tends to get dry after rebonding. Apply some hair mask once in a while. You can go for Aloe Vera mask or egg mask. These will nourish your hair and repair all the damage and take care of your hair after rebonding. Consume a well balanced diet rich in necessary supplements required for your hair.Include lots of nuts and sprouts in your diet.

However if you suffer with hair fall or any other hair problem it is best not to go for rebonding. Because your hair may not be able to take the immense chemical and heat treatments during rebonding and you may end up losing out on more hair. Other than that by following these steps you can take care of your hair after rebonding.