How To Change Old Dresses Into New Ones

offshoulder-dressWhen dresses get out of fashion, the only thing that we imagine is to discard them, but they could simply be reshaped making them trendy all over again.

There are many ways of changing old dresses into new ones and the most interesting part of it is that you can do all the alteration by yourself.

Add new features

You can add new feature to your old dress to make them new. You can add a decorative belt that is eye catching and original. This now becomes the spotlight of the dress and when you wear it, it changes your figure. You can also use a silk scarf: the way you wear the scarf can make a difference. It could be worn slanted at one side or attached by a brooch. Another thing is to wear a waste coat over it making the dress into a kind of skirt.

Change the dress itself

You can change the length of the dress; this is mostly by reducing it. This changes the dress completely.  In cases of shorter dresses, you can change the length by adding a new material to it. You have to change the pattern but it should be in tone with the old style. You can change the sleeves of the dress, reducing them or adding some laces or decorative beads to them. Laces and decorative beads can also be used to change plain dresses making them evening wears.

You can remove the sleeves altogether and fit spaghetti straps in their place. Or you can change strap dresses into strapless ones. You can choose different colors and materials to make totally new sleeves.

You can use parts of the dress to make patches for your jeans; you can use them also to transform other dresses.

In cases where the dress cannot be transformed but you want to keep it for other reasons; you can use them to make other useful things in the house. For example you can make pillow cases out of such dresses.

Before you throw away a dress you really love, consider these options. You will be amazed at what old out fashioned dresses could become.

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