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How To Childproof Your Home

how to Childproof your homeOne of your chief concerns as a parent is the well being of your child. Safety is extremely important when there is a kid in the house. They often do things that are dangerous because they are not aware of the dangers. We may take precautions like telling them not to talk to strangers and crossing the road only when the traffic signal tells them to.

But our homes are equally dangerous for them as well. Normal everyday things that we as adults do not pay much attention to can prove to be very harmful for a child. This is why it is said that safety begins at home. If your house itself is not safe for your child, then you cannot expect them to be protected in the outside world either.

Therefore, you must take childproofing steps even before your baby comes back from the hospital. There are many professional agencies that can perform this task for you. But it is not difficult to do it yourself either. All you need are the right tools and equipment. Let us now learn a few basics of how to childproof your house.

How To Childproof Your Home

Electrical Sockets

This is the first thing you should take care of. As soon as your child starts crawling, he/she can easily reach sockets and get electrocuted. You should either replace them with special childproof sockets or put pieces of tape across the openings.

Toxic Substances

All poisonous and toxic substances should be kept away from the reach of children. You will be surprised at how many poisonous things are present in most homes. These include washing liquid, detergent, rat poison, insect spray, mosquito repellant coils, cleaning acid, toilet cleaning liquids, bleach etc.

How To Childproof Your Home

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Most cosmetics are very harmful if ingested. Keep things like lipsticks, mascara, perfume, lotions, aftershave liquid, nail paint remover etc. in a drawer and not on top of a low dressing table.


The fridge can be a very attractive thing for a child. It is very easy to open it and get inside. This can be very dangerous and even fatal. Always keep the fridge locked with the help of the key provided. Or buy special fridge locks that loop over the door and need to be pulled very hard to open.

Sharp Edges

When kids are learning to stand and walk, they tend to trip and fall a lot. It is very easy for them to hit their heads or poke their eyes with the corner of a table. Any and all such sharp edges should be padded or covered with plastic tabs.


The bathing area is filled with dangerous things for a child. Do not keep any tubs or bucket filled with water. A child can fall into them and drown. Always keep the commode covered with the lid. Fix all leaky taps and faucets. Try and heat water only when required. Place anti-slip mats outside the bath tub and shower cabin. Keep shampoos and body washes out of reach.


Once a child can walk and is tall enough to reach the kitchen, you must take precautions. Keep all knives and sharp tools on high shelves. Always turn off the gas pipe outlet when not in use. Do not leave any utensils with hot food unattended. Place all gadgets and appliances right at the back of the counter.

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