How To Control The Frizzy Hair

In fact during summer, hair is prone to become frizzy. The reason for this is the heat of the summer; which takes away the moisture from the hair. The hair becomes sick and dry, and also start to crumple and become frizzy. It also loses its natural color.

How to control the frizz?
The first step hair stylists suggest is to reduce exposure of hair to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This can be done by putting the hair in loose bun format and pulling it in the nape area. If the hair is not long enough, it can be protected by making a ponytail. Hair stylists also suggest that during summer, hair should not be colored. It is because coloring will attract more heat of the sun and the hair becomes weak in short span of time.

To prevent frizzy hair during summer, the moisture in the hair should be preserved. This can be done by applying good quality salt spray or Spritz. Applying dry shampoo or baby powder will protect the hair from the heat of the sun and preserves the moisture in the hair, so that the hair does not become frizzy.

Maintain the hair properly:
At least once a week, moisturize the hair properly. This is the first step in proper maintenance of the hair. Wash the hair using good quality shampoo. After washing, use only a static hair dry. This will dry the skin fast and at the same time, does not take away the moisture from the hair. In short, as long as the moisture is maintained in the hair, frizz can be kept away, even during summer. However, as a matter of precaution, treat the hair with good quality gels, straightening lotions etc. With all this, if some frizz appear, have loose bun and that hides the frizz.

Other precautions to be taken:
As a matter of additional precaution, wear a hat when going out in the sun. This prevents the exposure of hair to the UV rays of the sun. There are sunscreen shampoos also which offer protection to the hair. Salt and chlorine are known to affect the health of the hair and also absorb the moisture from the hair. So, those who go for swimming are advised to wash the hair in tap water. This reduces the absorption of salt and chlorine after swimming. All these methods will protect the moisture in the hair, which prevents frizz, even during summer.

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