How To Do An Easy Pedicure At Home

PEDICURE AT HOMEPedicures are necessary for smooth, beautiful and soft feet and to get strong toenails. Our feet accumulate a lot of dirt and grime over the skin. Constant sun exposure also makes them dark, dry and wrinkled, making our feet look ugly and unsightly.

Beautiful feet are a hallmark of overall beauty. Clean feet can carry off an elegant pair of sandals or stilettos. If your feet are not well kept and clean, no footwear will look nice on them.

If your feet are not getting the necessary attention and care, then do a simple, at-home pedicure, which will not only be easy on your pocket but also keep your feet well groomed. Here are the steps to an at-home pedicure.

Easy Pedicure At Home

What You Will Need

There are some basic pedicure essentials that you need to keep at home. They are nail clippers, cotton wool, nail polish remover,  nail file, cuticle cream, a soaking tub, warm water, towel, cuticle pusher, emery board, foot scrub and foot moisturizer.

File Your Nails And Remove Old Nail Polish

File your nails

Remove the old nail polish with cotton dipped into nail polish remover. Now clip and file your nails to the desired length. You can shape your nails to a neat curve in order to give them a pristine look.

Soak The Feet In Water

Put some liquid soap in a tub of lukewarm-hot water and soak your feet in this solution for at least 15 minutes. Apply the cuticle cream before you soak your feet in so that the cuticles become soft. Feel free to mix in a few drops of essential oil and lime juice to keep your feet moisturised.

Scrub Your Feet

scrub the feet

Now, with the help of an emery stone scrub the soles of your feet to remove hardened, chipping skin. Apply the foot scrub all over your feet and massage them well with the scrub. You can also use a loofah to gently scrub your feet.Change the water in the tub, thoroughly wash, and rinse your feet,

Remove Cuticles

With the help of a cuticle remover push and clip the cuticles. The cuticles become soft with the help of a cuticle cream and are able to come off easily without pain. Remove any dirt or grime that has lodged itself in between the nail. Buff your nails with a nail buffer if deemed fit.

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Moisturize the feets

Moisturize your feet and legs with a good foot cream or lotion to give them a soft and supple look. Make sure that your feet are slightly wet, before you lather the foot cream.

Dress Them Up

Now is the time to dress up your nails. Choose a nail polish in a striking colour like a dark fuchsia pink or red and apply the nail polish to your nails. Start with one coat and allow the coat of nail polish to dry. Once the coat has dried, apply another thick coat of nail polish. Display your pretty pedicure with stylish footwear, toe rings, anklets and strappy sandals. Beautiful feet are meant to be flaunted.

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