How To Do Fish Braid Hairstyle

Fish Braid Hairstyle

Fish Braid HairstyleBraids are great way to make simple as well as versatile hairstyles. One very popular hair braid is fishtail braids, which are also called Herringbone braids, as they resemble herringbone pattern.

Fish tail braid is a simple but sophisticated art work of hair which though looks complex and time consuming, but is actually easy to create with little patience and practice. The best part is anyone can do it. If you are going out for a special occasion and don’t know how to style your hair, fishtail braid can be a great hairstyle for such occasions.

They are a great way to keep the hair neat and nice and suited for most occasions. Long hair without too many layers, are best for wearing fish braid hairstyle. But any woman or girl can wear it no matter what their hair length and face shape is. This hair style provides an elegant as well as a sleek look to a woman.

Fishtail braids are becoming increasingly popular these days. Many celebrities wear fishtail braid in award events or while walking the ramp. There are a variety of ways to braid fishtail, but the most popular and common among them is a braid going down straight at the back of the scalp.

Creating a Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle

If you want to learn to make different types of fish tail braid, first you have to master the basic style of fish tail braid. Comb and remove tangles from your hair and grab you hair as you do to make a ponytail. Brushing your hair thoroughly is necessary before you start braiding. Tangled hair can hurt and there will be no shine and neatness. So before you begin, gather your hair at the back and separate them into two equal strands.

Then brush both the strands separately.  Hold the right section of your hair in your right hand, and the left portion of the hair on your left hand. Now comb each section with rat tail comb. Let go of one section for a moment and grab a small strand of hair from outermost left section, now cross it over the left portion of hair to combine with right section.

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In the same way take small section of hair from the outermost part of right section, cross it over right section to combine with left section. Continue to repeat these processes till you reach the end of hair and you have braided the hair completely. Put an elastic band at the end of fish tail braid to secure it. For a sleek and neat look, weave fish tail braid tightly using same amount of hair every time.  For full shine, use stiff hair spray after you finish.

Personal Touches

You can give personal touch and add style to this simple design.  Use ribbon, headband, feather, barrettes and other styling element according to your personal choice. There are endless possibilities to style your fishtail braid. If you have long hair don’t go for just long braid down the back, try gothic looking up-do by twisting your braid.

Different Ways to Wear Your Fishtail

For a cool summer look, loosely braid the hair so that hair sticks out a little throughout the braid. This messy style creates a chic look when you hang bead or feather down the braid. For a romantic look, curl your hair and loosely braid the hair in fish tail braid.

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