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How To Dress Like Indian Jumano

Jumano Indians were a tribe which lived the Texas area during the 16th and 18th centuries. The tribes have now become extinct. Jumano Indians had a distinct style of dressing, and jumano Indian clothing has often been worn by people from other cultures around the world.

These clothing styles were mainly adopted by the Spanish when they came to the area. Like most primitive tribal people, the Jumano Indians had a unique style of dressing.They wore clothes made from thick hide and also wore accessories.

Clothing Styles Of The Jumano Indian Tribes

The following points will tell you more about Jumano Indian clothing and the different styles and characteristics of these clothes. There were also different groups of these tribes who lived in other regions as well. Thus, the clothing worn by the tribes also did not match.

Arkansas Jumano Tribes

An interesting fact about Jumano Indian clothing is the fact that these tribes designed clothes according to the geographical area in which they lived. One part of the Jumano Indian tribe lived in the Arkansas River along the Rio Grande region.

The clothing of these Jumano Indian tribes was designed to protect them from the wild animals and insects that were in the jungle area where they lived. The Jumano Indians wore moccasins which were made from the hide of deer or buffaloes.

The moccasins were worn by both men and women. Women also wore long skirts and other ornaments made from shells. The moccasins were ideal for protection against dangerous bugs and other diseases.

The region where these tribes lived were not only frequented by wild animals but also had a rough and dangerous terrain. Hence, the moccasins were designed to also protect the men and women from the weather and the rough terrain.

New Mexico Jumano Tribes

Another section of the Jumano Indian tribes lived in New Mexico. These tribes wore slightly different clothes from the ones worn by tribes living in Texas. Men and women of this Jumano Indian tribe wore clothing made from deer hide. These clothes were in the form of pants and skirts.

Other Jumano Tribes

Most of the men in the Jumano Indian tribes preferred to remain nude for most of the time. They wore belts and anklets made from shells, copper pieces and the bark of trees but remained nude otherwise. Also, many of the men and women of these tribes designed tattoos on their bodies.


The Jumano Indian tribal people are known to have worn several kinds of accessories. From earrings to necklaces, anklets, nose rings and bracelets, these accessories were not only worn by the women but also by the men.

These accessories and adornments were mostly made from shell as already mentioned above. The people of the tribe painted these shells in bright colors and strung them like beads for wearing.

The most important thing about Jumano Indian clothing is that they improvised their clothes a lot and wore them in accordance with weather conditions and the geographical region where they lived.