How To Get Rid Of Hair Permanently

In most cultures, excess hair on a woman’s body is unacceptable. Women are forced to remove the unwanted body hair on a continuous basis every time it grows back, to prevent it from showing.

Most women have to fight to keep the excess hair off their body. They spend endless dollars on razors and shaving creams, waxing products, and anything else that will promise to remove the hair temporarily. But women are not alone; men too, often have to deal with unwanted body hair.

They may have hair on their chest or back that makes them feel uncomfortable. So they too spend money on expensive and often painful hair removal processes. What if there was a way to permanently remove unwanted body hair? What if we told you that you no longer have to wax, shave or tweeze the hair on your body? You would definitely want to hear about it.

Permanent hair removal is not inexpensive when compared to shaving or waxing, but when you add up the costs at the end, it makes more sense. Plus, with permanent waxing, you no longer have to be on guard for when the next growth of hair is going to surface. By permanently removing unwanted hair from your body, the hair follicles will be destroyed so that no more hair can grow.

One common form of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis has been proven to be 93% effective.  During electrolysis a needle is inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current passes through the needle and kills the hair follicle. Therefore, no hair can grow anymore.

Aside from electrolysis, you can try other permanent hair removal procedures such as flash lamps and laser hair removal. You may still continue to grow hair but the hair will be lighter and finer than the previous hair growth.

If you decide to go for a permanent hair removal procedure you should know that it will take more than one procedure to stop the hair from growing. Right now, there is no permanent hair removal procedure that can stop hair growth completely.

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