How To Get Smaller Breasts

Most women if given an option would want to enlarge their breasts. But of late there is a growing section of women who would want to reduce their breast size

Big breasted women complain of carrying an excessive load that causes health problems such as shoulder, neck and back pain. This prevents them from participating in activities which require more physical exertion such as housework and sports. In turn this acts as a hindrance for them to lead a healthy life.

Also the unwanted attention that big breasts attract also makes many women wish to have their breast size reduced. Their confidence levels wavers due to the fact that people often judge them by their breast size and find themselves at the receiving end of tasteless jokes. The fact that most clothing companies target petite women acts as a deterrent to big breasted women who are saddled with loose ill fitting clothes. They would rather have smaller breasts to wear the clothes that would make them look attractive and beautiful.

Though breast surgery has become quite commonplace nowadays but there are side effects and a plethora of risk factors and things that can go wrong. Hence breast surgery should be the last resort; after all other alternatives have been explored. Especially for teenagers who are still in their growing phase, breast surgery may not be advisable as there is a risk of the breasts growing back.

Here are some of the more viable avenues of making your breasts look smaller


Wear the right fitting bra that offers proper support

Most big breasted women fall into the trap of wearing the wrong bra size. This in turn makes their breasts look even more saggy and bigger. Also a big no-no are padded bras, bras with lace cups and thin straps which don’t offer enough support. The first step is to get yourself properly measured and then invest in a really good bra. The best type of bras for big breasted women are-


As they help to flatten the bust line. But be careful to choose the right one as it may otherwise result in over flattening or giving a solid rectangular shape to your breasts.

Minimizer Bras

This is one of the best options and should be a staple item in your wardrobe. They are designed to compress and re-shape the breasts and take off about 2 inches off the breast size. A good minimize bra not only pulls in the breasts and make them appear smaller; it also gives a good lift. Minimizer bras are ideal for women who would prefer to wear fitted tops. It is advisable to bring a fitted shirt or t-shirt while trying out minimizer bras so that you can find the slimmest fit.

Sports Bras

Sports bras can also help in making breasts appear smaller by keeping the breasts closer to the body. As opposed to normal bras which push the breasts forward and enhance them, sports bras make them look smaller and provide support for the breasts. This helps women with bigger breasts while exercising as it prevents the ligaments in the breasts from getting stretched. Always choose sports bras which wick away moisture (like nylon), are made of non-stretchy material and have extra wide cups and wide bands.

Exercise to lose weight

Breasts majorly consist of fat tissue and hence increase in size as one gains weight; and are also the first place where one loses fat from when losing weight. Therefore losing even 10 pounds can make a difference in breast size. A strict diet and exercise routine can help in losing weight and decreasing cup size as well. Cardio and chest exercises help to build up the muscles around the chest region which make the breasts look smaller. Chest exercises like weight lifting, pull-ups, and push-ups help firm up the muscles fast.Hence evaluate whether you have any excess weight and aim to lose it. Once you do have yourself refitted for a new bra as otherwise you might end up with saggy appearing breasts.

Dress Correctly To Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

Wear dark clothing- Dark solid colors like plum, black, navy blue make the breast look smaller. Bright colors on the other hand draw more attention to the chest region and make the bust line appear broader.

Wear loose flowing fabrics-light and flowing fabric which avoids hugging your body like chiffons, silk and jersey also make the silhouette slimmer. Avoid big prints and go for small minimal prints on the tops. Also avoid frilly details in tops.

Some silhouettes that work best for big breasted women are-

A-line dresses and skirts as it helps in balancing the body, wide-legged pants and buttoned up jackets with high collars. Necklines best suited are deep v-necks, crew necks which fir tightly at the base of the neck and sweetheart necklines which suit women of all body types.

Cowls, boat necklines and halter necks should be avoided as they accentuate the bust and show more cleavage.

Regarding waistlines, you can try the Basque waist-line which is like an elongated v which extends down the natural waist by about 2-3 inches.
Puff sleeves or huge billowing sleeves should be kept away from as they draw attention to the breasts.

Accessorize Smartly

Wear earrings that are small with fine details, carry bright colorful clutches, wear stylish chunky belts to draw attention from the breasts to the waist. Avoid huge shoulder bags and round hoop earrings

Breast Surgery

When all other options have failed breast reduction surgery can be considered. However this is a permanent solution, so be sure to research your doctor and have yourself properly evaluated before going in for surgery. If your breasts are so big that they cause back pain and is affecting your overall health, a consultation with your surgeon will help identify your options. In many cases your insurance company may also cover the costs.

So women with big breasts need no longer despair as now there are ways to  deal with the problem and lead a more productive  life aas well as  have an attractive smaller bustline.