How to Make Makeup Last Longer

Are you fed up of your makeup because it does not last long enough? Do you have a hard time going for a dance party and not being able to dance as the make up would fade away?

You are doing everything right but you are just unaware of some facts. I bet you always wonder looking at some women at your work or college about how they manage to keep their make up last longer. Well,the mantra to make makeup last longer is quite simple.You do not need to change your makeup process or anything.You make sure you get some steps right to make your makeup last longer.

To begin with make sure you cleanse your face and neck properly. Moisturize your skin and lips properly. Women with oily skin can go for some light oil free moisturizer. Start your make up only sometime after you have applied moisturizer. Give a brief gap between applying moisturizer and your base makeup. By doing this the pores will absorb the moisture and your make up will stay intact on the outer layer of your skin without getting absorbed.

Next apply a good quality foundation on your face. Apply little foundation to each point of your face lightly and try not to rub them in. Just dot it all over the face and neck and spread it gently, it will get evenly applied all over your face. Act smartly while picking a foundation.

Make sure you pick something one shade lighter than your face. Always go for a a water proof foundation as it will last longer, may it be indoor or outdoor. Use a good quality powder after applying the foundation to set the foundation. Apply this on your lips and eyes as well. It makes sure that your makeup lasts longer and covers the oily part. If you want to use a bronzer, you can use it over this.

There are a number of lipsticks available in the stores which claim they last really long. Opt for such lipsticks or use any lipstick dab some powder on a tissue and press your lips on it.Then apply another layer of lipstick and your lipstick will definitely stay longer.Use a lip liner to define your lips and for the lips to look fuller.

The last and the most important part is your eyes.You can use a non-oily concealer on your eyes as a makeup base.This will hide your dark circles as well.Then you can apply an eye shadow of your choice and a water proof eyeliner so that your eye makeup lasts longer. Applying two coats of waterproof mascara on powdered eyelashes will last longer giving you a fuller look.

You are all set to go out and stay out for as long as you wish. By following these tips you can certainly make your makeup last longer.

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