How To Make Up Your Tired Face

How To Make Up Your Tired FaceIn today’s busy life, one often does not get enough time for a good rest before applying makeup and going out. Applying make up on tired, sleep less faces needs to be done with care and subtlety so that the tiredness does not show through the makeup. Here are few valuable tips to conceal tiredness by applying make up.

Face makeup, if done properly and with care, involves a number of steps relating to how make up is applied to each part of the face. Hence, each part of the face needs to be done separately.

For instance, there is makeup for the eyes, the lips, and the base makeup and so on. In this article, for one’s convenience, each of these aspects will be dealt with separately.

The first thing to be done is to clean the face and rehydrate it. Tired skin needs moisture and therefore drinking a glass of water and splashing the face with cold water helps to freshen up the face and remove fine lines. Cleansing the face with a face toner or cleansing milk helps to remove dead skin cells, cleans the pores and makes the face look a lot clearer. One should never start applying makeup before cleaning the face.

Here are some beauty tips for making up a tired face.

Makeup for the face

Tired faces have a tendency of looking pale, weary and lifeless. This section will deal with how to make up the face with interesting beauty tips. Applying the right shade of foundation not only helps to liven up the face but also evens out lines and wrinkles leaving a fresh and bright looking face.

While shades of brown, green, gray and blue are good for other times, when one’s face looks drawn and pale, shades of pink can do wonders. Soft and subtle shades of pink, such as rouge help in adding colour to the skin. However, very bright shades of pink are not to be used, since they give an unnecessary harsh look.

A facial mask also helps to rejuvenate the skin by removing flakiness, dryness and oiliness. Blushers are another effective way to liven up tired faces. Blusher can be used gently and lightly over the nose, the chin and temples to give a soft and fresh look. Rouge applied on the cheek helps in adding colour to the face.

Tired faces tend to be dry and therefore cleaning and moisturizing is very important before applying the foundation. Heavy foundations do not blend well the unevenness of a tired face and hence light and luminous foundations are the best. However, applying too much foundation is not a good idea as it become cakey after a while and start coming off.

Makeup for tired looking eyes

The first thing noticeable about a tired face is the eyes. Lack of enough sleep can make one’s eyes look tired and puffy and even red. There will also be dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes. Eye makeup is an important part of face makeup. Hence defining the eyes is very important. The following beauty tips help in reducing the tiredness from the eyes, making them beautiful.

Firstly, getting rid of the dark circles under eyes can be done by using an under eye concealer. It is recommended that the shade of the concealer be at least one to two shades lighter than the skin tone, because shades that are darker than the skin tone enhance the dark circles.

One thing to be kept in mind is the fact that whiles the concealer has to be of a lighter shade than the skin tone, it must not be too light which will enhance the puffiness of the eyes. The concealer is applied or rubbed on the portion of skin beneath the eyes with the ring finger (which has the smoothest tip as compared to other fingers).

Secondly, under eye bags or puffy eyes can be dealt with the use of Preparation H which is a hemorrhoid cream and contains chemicals that reduces the puffiness and also lightens the skin under the eyes.

Thirdly, a very simple yet effective way to reduce bags under the eyes is to hold and press a cold spoon over the bags for about a minute. The cold metal helps to effectively reduce the puffiness under eyes. Tea bags are also used to reduce bags under the eyes.

After one has gotten rid off the dark circles and puffiness of the eyes, one can apply the regular face makeup used for eyes such as eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. A little brush of powder shimmer under the eyes also enhances the brightness of the eyes. Highlighting and emphasizing the upper lid and applying mascara on eyelashes shifts attention from the lower part of the eye and therefore the puffiness and dark circles can be concealed. Curling the eyelashes and using a blusher also helps in emphasizing the eyes.

A beauty tip for livening up the eyes is using a white eyeliner pencil on the lower eyelid. It helps in removing any hint of dark circles around the the lower lid of the eyes.

Make up for the lips

Last but not the least is make up for the lips. A small amount of Vaseline can do wonders for dry lips. If one does not want to highlight the lips too much, earthy shades of lip balm or lipstick can be enough to emphasize the lips. Light and glossy colours add life while for pale lips, darker shades can be used.

In conclusion, it is once again important to stress the point of cleaning and moisturizing the face. A rehydrated face goes a long way in rejuvenating dull skin. Drinking lots of water also helps to hydrate the skin. A gentle massage around the eyes and over the cheeks helps to stimulate blood cells in the face and brings colour to the face. Face makeup should never be overdone and therefore one needs to be extra careful while applying makeup on a tired and drawn face.

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