How To Manage Curly Hair

How To Manage Curly HairWhen choosing a beautiful hairstyle for events many women face a dilemma to choose between the smooth and flowing hair or loose and curly, a choice on both the hair styles really makes the difference in look.

That is why before the event women spend time with professional hair dressers in getting a good look by changing their hair style. Experimenting is always a good idea, just not worth doing so at the last minute. Enjoy some free time to go testing your options, because sometimes your hair is not curly , but can look beautiful with the tips curled.

The same thing applies to curly haired women, for a beautiful curly hair lady can seem more beautiful with straight hair, but without experiencing you can never know! The current trend is of straight hair and no doubt everyone loves to have silky straight hair. The most important thing is not to follow trends that do little to augment your looks, or if the clusters (for example) are in vogue, but do not look good on you, forget them.

Many women also look good with curly hair with a volume control. It looks glamorous everywhere, whether in fashion shows, magazines or on television. And if you have ever noticed that due to miscegenation mostly Brazilian girls have naturally long curls. So why not to take advantage of your natural beauty?

Hair style really plays a significant role in everyone looks. There are many ladies who always complain that their curly hair are not manageable. The hair becomes big problem for them and they do not know how to manage them. Learn tips for caring your curls and keep the natural look and worthy of a diva!

In the shower: Shampoos and Conditioners.

Pick shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, that improve the look and feel of your hair.  Always invest in good shampoos and conditioners, designed for your hair type. They are the first step to beautiful and well-defined curls.


Do not put too much shampoo or conditioner in the hair. Avoid pouring it straight on your head. Always spread on the hands and apply gently, especially the shampoo, wash your scalp with your fingertips, not with nails. Massaging your scalp with your fingers helps to activate the glands that produce the desired natural oil, which make your hair feel less parched.

If possible, do the final rinse with cold water. The very hot water helps to dry the hair. (In winter it is tough to follow, but try, because the result is visible!).

Use an anti-residue shampoo once a fortnight or month. They open the cuticles of the wires and clean the impurities. It is important to use an anti-residue shampoo for your hair which is not “heavy” and with a blurry look because of the accumulation of products in the wire. But remember after that you have to do a deep moisturizing because you’re hair cuticles get open and no other product will work.

How to Comb Curly Hair?

The best way to style curly hair is set them in wet. First try to set them with fingers and then with a wide tooth comb. Start from the end and then keep going toward the root. Do not hurry and take your time because if you comb your hair too fast and carelessly, the result will be smashed and brittle hair.


Use a wooden comb. It helps to remove the static electricity and hair, leaving the wire with fewer frizzes and more defined.

Do not use brushes. They will take the format of the bunch and let your hair look like a gun.

Dryer is a villain or ally for curly hair?

Experts recommend that you let your hair dry naturally, best is use the dryer with diffuser. Some models come with the dryer diffuser included, it is worth investing in a model with this tool. It’s great for drying bunches and give the definition you need.


After washing your hair, pat dry with a paper towel or microfiber to remove excess water. Never rub your hair in the towel with force. Divide the hair into 4 and dry for fuses, pressing the hair in the towel without much force. This helps keep the shape of the clusters.

Do not use the dryer at a temperature too high, as it helps to dry out and damage the hair. When you use it, apply a protective cream to reduce heat damage.

If not using the dryer, never sleep with wet hair! This creates fungi on the scalp and cause disease, such as dandruff and hair loss.


Curly hair is drier because of its shape. The natural oil produced by the scalp cannot reach the tip of the hair, leaving them dull, dry and brittle. So hydration is must, because it is also that will leave your curls more defined and beautiful. To do so, bet on hydrations weekly or biweekly, with good quality products and ingredients with deep hydration.


After the conditioner, apply a leave-in (without cream rinse) to maintain hydration of hair and make them more defined, and knead the hair with paper towel or microfiber.

If you have any chemicals in your hair (dye, coloring, etc.). You need to moisturize even more hair. Talk to a hairdresser to invest in a deeper hydration, such as cauterization, to keep them healthy and protected.

See more tips before going out from your home

Leaving home: Tips to straighten hair

Your hair is already clean and dry, but is having a look through “messy”. You do not need watering and pass a combing cream, at the risk of wetting your clothes and to catch a cold. To avoid this, just moisten the hair and use a cream or mousse curl activator and mash the hair from the bottom up.

Try to avoid tying your hair with rubber bands too tight or too thin, as they coiled hair curls and end up crashing your hair.

Going in sun or on beach always use a cap or hat it protects your hair and will not allow them to dry more.

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