How To Pump Breast Milk


electric-breast-pumpMany mothers choose to breastfeed their children.  Breast milk naturally provides the proper amount of nutrients that a child needs.  When the child is not feeding, the mother will need to pump out the extra milk from her breasts to ease her discomfort and to store for later use.  Women tend to need to pump a few times a day.

When looking for a breast pump, consider the following qualifications: convenience, capacity, efficiency, and adjust ability.  A convenient breast pump will be one that is small and lightweight so you can use it at home or carry it with you either to work or while traveling.

A double-capacity breast pump enables you to pump both breasts at the same time, therefore reducing your pumping time.  Efficient breast pumps will have more cycles per minute.  A good breast pump will have a vacuum that will easily adjust to the areola.  The vacuum can be adjusted per each individual woman.

To use breast pump, place your breast in the cup and select the on button on the machine.  You will feel the machine suck the milk out of your breast and deposit it into the attached container.  If you are using a manual breast pump, again, place your breast in the cup.

The milk will be expressed from your breast by squeezing a device.  Electric pumps are faster and usually take about ten minutes while manual pumps can take considerably longer.  When pumping, it is better to pump more often during the day than just pumping once or twice for an hour.

When you’ve pumped the breast milk into the container, transfer it to a sanitized glass or plastic bottle or a breast milk bag.  Make sure to label the containers.  They can be placed in the refrigerator for immediate use or kept in the freezer for future use.

Many women need to pump while they are at work.  You may need to discuss this with your Human Resources department.  Let them know that you will need to go to a clean, private place to pump and will need a place to store the breast milk.