How to Reach Orgasm

Orgasm is undoubtedly one of the most widely debated topics and yet one which remains a mystery to most women. Most women are not sure if they have ever reached orgasm or how they can reach orgasm.

Orgasm for a woman, is generally defined as involuntary contractions of muscles in various parts of the body. It is accompanies by a feeling of absolute pleasure and release of all sexual tension.

There are two types of female orgasms – clitoral and vaginal. This implies that orgasm has been reached by either stimulating the clitoris or the vagina. But many times, simultaneous stimulation of both these organs helps a woman reach orgasm.

During sexual activity, the vagina and the clitoris increase in size and there is also increased blood flow to these organs. They also become very sensitive to stimulation.

Stimulating the clitoris is very important, in case of most women, to experience sexual pleasure and orgasm. Your partner should gently touch it with his moist fingers. Also encourage him to brush his tongue against your clitoris. Pulling at them and very gently sucking them would also contribute to the feeling to intense pleasure.

Even though in most women clitoris is the most sensitive organ, some women experience greater pleasure with vaginal stimulation. The initial three inches of the vagina are very sensitive and when the penis or the finger touches the G- spot, it might result in climactic orgasm.

But you can encourage your partner to masturbate you with his finger while stimulating your clitoris. This kind of dual stimulation would most likely be absolutely irresistible and would take you to an orgasmic experience.

It is also said that while men have only one orgasm, women can have multiple.

Make the best of your sex life by communicating your needs and desires with your partner. Remember you can never experience great sex unless and until you share a certain comfort level with your partner.

And the greater the emotional bond between the two of you, the better would be your sexual experiences. And of course, always maintain superb hygiene to make sex pleasurable and orgasmic for both of you.