How to Soothe a Colicky Infant

Most new parents are at their wits end trying to soothe a colicky baby. From sleepless nights to endlessly carrying your infant a new parent often feels frustrated when they are unable to calm down their bawling infant.

There are several simple techniques that you can adopt to soothe a colicky, fussy baby.

A colic prone baby is one who cries incessantly for no apparent reason. Loneliness, confusion, anxiety, over stimulation or gas buildup can all cause an infant to cry uncontrollably. It is basically the baby’s natural reaction while adapting from the comforting environs of the mothers womb to the loud and noisy world outside.

The main symptom of a colicky baby is non-stop crying. Despite all your attempts to soothe the child, it will simply not stop crying. During these episodes besides crying an infant can show some signs of discomfort like raising her legs or head and breaking wind. If left unattended, colic can lead the child into a vicious cycle.

If a baby cries because of gas buildup, then soothe the infant by massaging its belly gently. Some simple massage techniques involve, laying the baby on a flat surface and bending and flexing her knees. This will help to release the trapped gas. Holding a bottle of warm water against the infant’s stomach can also bring relief.

Rocking the baby or distracting the child through music, clapping or making funny sounds can also help to soothe the child. Sometimes something as simple as switching on the vacuum cleaner or the television set can miraculously change an infant’s mood.

Giving a warm bath can often soothe a colicky baby by alleviating what ever discomfort they may be experiencing. The warm bath often mimics the conditions inside a mother’s womb thereby comforting the child and making him feel drowsy.

Certain minor changes in the breastfeeding mother diet can work wonders on a colic distressed infant. Foods like chocolates, acidic food, spicy food and root vegetables should be avoided by the lactating mother as it can lead to gas build-up in the infant.

Changing the baby formula milk can also reduce the incidence of colic. However the best cure for an infant suffering from a bout of colic is  feeding it gripe water which is rich in natural soothing ingredients like ginger, peppermint, fennel and chamomile.