How To Unhook A Bra |

How To Take Off A Bra

Men would think that it is duty of woman to take off bra and would wait for it. There is fun in removing bra and you need not use both hands to remove bra. The best phase of foreplay is to take off bra and take lovely breast in your hands and fondle it.

You can take off bra with practice without having to remove her shirt. You should stay relaxed and calm while trying to take off bra and even if you fail you should move forward to next action. Failure should not disturb you too much.

Know Her Bra

You should know various types of bra by visiting department stores or by browsing through websites. You can practice unclasping bra by working on one bra. You can gift bra to your woman and make sure that you are comfortable in style of that bra. Clasp is the hook that binds two sides of bra together.

Foreplay Is Important

You would think of hugging her and try taking off bra straight away. You should concentrate on spending quality time with her and make her feel relaxed. Taking off bra is not the sole aim of foreplay.

How To Take Off  Bra

Your placing of hand is very important in taking off her bra. You should make your partner agrees with  your idea of taking off bra. You can surprise her by taking off bra faster than she winks. Free your hands of distraction when you take off bra.You should kiss her passionately and you should stroke her face and hair. You should make your one hand free. You should move your free hand to her back side and start massaging from neck area to back of her chest. You should decide whether her bra clasp is on front side or back side. If you do not find clasp on back side, check for clasp on front side of bra by placing your free hand on middle of her chest region. Look for clasp. She is wearing no bra at all or she is wearing sports bra if there is no clasp either on front side or back side. You can remove her sports bra just like you would remove your undershirt.

Make your left hand warmer and move it slowly underneath her T-shirt and reach back clasp. You should find the number of rows of metal clasps that her bra has. Normally it would range between 1 and 3.You should place your thumb near her bra clasp. You should insert one finger under her clasp and keep another finger over her bra clasp. Squeeze your finger together towards the middle and that would help to release bra. You should take her bra strap and pull her arm through. Then her bra would hang from one arm and you should pull out her bra under her shirt. You can also take her bra through her arm hole of her shirt.

Front clasp bra would make you excited as breasts would fall straight into your hand as they pop out. You should check where her bra clasp is and see whether it moves up or down before trying to open it.