How To Tell If A Co-Worker Is In Love With You


coworkerIt is true that most of us spend nearly 75 to 80 percent of the time we are awake at the workplace. As such, the probability of a love blossoming out in a person’s heart is more in the workplace, especially among the co-workers most of the time. 

There is a subtle difference between love and special attention shown over you by your co-worker, and you may mistake one for the other. In order to avoid such mistakes, read the following to find out whether your co-worker is in love with you.

If your co-worker frequently moves around your workplace or desk where you work without any specific reason to do so, then it may be that he or she is in love with you. If you happen to accidentally look at him or her and find that he or she is ogling or looking at you , then it may be that he or she is in love with you.

Assume that you and your co-worker live in two different parts of the city. In such a case, if your co-worker offers to provide you with a lift to your house, then it might be that he or she is in love with you and does not mind travelling that extra distance for you.

In a meeting or a group, if your co-worker sits or stands next to you always, then it is a hint that he or she is in love with you.

If your co-worker remembers all the special events such as your birthday or something like your favorite dish or favorite color,  then it is a sign that she or he is interested in you.

If you are flirting with some other person, then he or she will be jealous over you and tries to flirt with you in an attempt to attract you towards him or her. Then it is a sign that he or she is in love with you.

When you happen to address a group in which he or she is present, then he/she will be paying more attention to what you say and how you say it. If he or she is addressing the group in which you are a part, then she or he might be looking more at you only while talking.

When confronted with a problem, if he or she comes first to offer assistance and lend a helping hand, then you can presume that he or she cares for you and is in love with you.

If you find any of these activities in your co-worker, then do not discard those things. Either accept the love or if not interested, inform the co-worker so that he or she will not be disappointed at a later date.

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