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How To Train Your Kid For Bathing

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR KID FOR BATHINGYou have to train your child to be independent right from his/her toddler years. Most children are able to self-bathe and wash themselves by the time they are 3 or 4. Of course, they will require supervision initially but it is a huge stepping-stone to gaining independence.

These days most children are not able to bathe on their own and require constant supervision. Teaching the child to bathe on his/her own is quite a challenge but it can be overcome if you go systematically.It can also be fun if you include some interesting bathing games and introduce toys for the child. Here are some of the steps that you should follow.

Tips To Train Your Kid For Bathing

Make Sure The Child Is Old Enough To understand

You can only teach a child to bathe once he/she starts to talk and understand. However, you can make the process of bathing fun for the child by playing with the child and including bath time toys and books. This makes a bath a pleasurable activity for the child.

Children should also be able to differentiate between hot and cold water and know the dangers of hot water. They should be able to identify hot and cold-water taps. Once the child learns this he/she can be taught to mix hot and cold water together so that the water is at a comfortable temperature.

Soaping Themselves

Once the child learns to fill a bucket of water for himself/herself, they should also be taught how to soap themselves. Demonstrate to the child how he/she should be soaping himself/herself. Difficult corners of the body may be neglected so the child should be taught to access these areas. Be very careful about slips and falls as they are very common in young children. A toddler of 2 or 3 may not fully comprehend the dangers of falling in the bathroom.

How TO Train Your Kid For Bathing

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Using A Wash Cloth/Scrub

Teach the child to wash himself or herself with a scrub or a washcloth. Soft flannels can be given to them if they cannot reach a certain area with their hand.

Towelling Themselves

Teach the child to towel himself/herself well after a bath. The child should also be taught the good habit of hanging the towel on the clothesline to dry. Teach the child to change his/her wash linen twice every week. Point out the linen cupboard so that the child knows where the towel is kept.


The next step is dressing. Make it fun and playful by asking the child what he/she would like to wear .Teach the child to choose clothes based on colour combinations and pairing. Shoes should also be picked up matched with the dress. This will help the child to select his/her own clothes and shoes during and after a bath.

Always be very careful about the safety aspects of a bath. The child should never be left unsupervised initially. Keep away any poisonous substances like bathroom cleaners and potions away from the reach of the child. Empty out the buckets after every use especially in the initial stages of learning, as drowning incidents are known to occur.

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